First Look! Tony Winner Mary-Louise Parker Takes Flight in Poster Art for MTC’s The Snow Geese

first_img Mary-Louise Parker Related Shows View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 15, 2013 Star Files We’re counting the days until Tony and Emmy winner Mary-Louise Parker steps back onto a Broadway stage as the star of Sharr White’s new play The Snow Geese. Directed by her Tony-winning Proof director Daniel Sullivan, Parker will play Elizabeth Gaesling, a recently widowed, financially ruined mother of two sons who gathers her family in upstate New York at the start of hunting season in 1917. Shadows are cast over the event by her eldest son’s imminent deployment to the battlefields of World War I and his younger brother’s discovery that their beloved father has left them mired in debt. The Snow Geese starts a limited run at Manhattan Theatre Club’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre on October 1. The Snow Geeselast_img read more

Top Five: Hot Videos Include an Intimate Chat with Sutton Foster & Laugh-Filled Vlogs from Krysta Rodriguez and Charl Brown

first_img Krysta Rodriguez’s exclusive video features give fans a backstage pass to everything that’s happening on the Great White Way. From Paul Wontorek’s latest visit with Sutton Foster to video blog entries from Krysta Rodriguez and Charl Brown, there’s plenty of dish to enjoy. Click below to see the most-watched videos from September 18 through September 24: 1. Show People With Sutton Foster: In her third appearance on Show People, two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster chats about her new cabaret show, favorite top 40 hits, her goal of being bi-coastal, Bunheads memories, starring in a cannibal movie, her recent engagement to an unnamed fiancée and advice to her younger self. Charl Brown Sara Chase 5. First Date Flirts With Sara Chase: Adorable First Date cast member Sara Chase shares first date red flags (criminal record anyone?), how she’s like Maggie Smith’s character on Downton Abbey, using mono as an excuse to get out of a date, three things she loves about Timothy Olyphant, and the show tune that sums up her love life. View Comments Star Files Sutton Foster 4. Opening Night at Romeo and Juliet: Condola Rashad and Orlando Bloom are bringing a sexy chemistry to the Broadway revival of Romeo and Juliet, and on opening night, chatted with the gorgeously starry pair, their castmates and celebrity guests including Harvey Fierstein, Liev Schreiber and Condola’s proud mom, Phylicia Rashad. 3. Miracle Man: Backstage at Motown the Musical With Charl Brown, Episode 4: On a two-show day at Motown, vlogger Charl Brown heads to dinner with Tony-winning Pippin star Patina Miller (wearing a stylish tee!) and shares a truly terrifying tale of finding a waterbug crawling on his costume during the show! 2. Kiss & Tell: Backstage at First Date With Krysta Rodriguez, Episode 7: Popular vlogger Krysta Rodriguez turns her camera on co-star Kristoffer Cusick and the multitalented First Date swings, with a sneak peek at the show’s cast recording (which Krysta promises to sign at the stage door) and scoop what’s going on at Table 3. View All (4)last_img read more


first_imgHousing residents may keep cats and dogs in their homes; however, all cats and dogs must be registered with the base Veterinary Treatment Facility, in Building 537, phone 904-542-3786 (appointment line). All pets staying on base must have proof of current vaccinations presented at the time of registration. Additionally, all pets in base housing are required by base regulations to be microchipped and spayed or neutered. You will need to provide the Housing Office with proof of registration and microchip. Cats and dogs must be on a leash at all times when outdoors, unless they are in a fenced-in yard. Please call to find out when you can register your pets. Exotic pets and farm animals are not allowed in base housing.last_img read more

Family Advocacy

first_imgFamily Advocacy is on the second floor of the base medical treatment facility. Program components include family enhancement, prevention and outreach services, and family maltreatment resolution. Services include individual, marital and family counseling; parenting skills; couple’s communication and personal life skills (emotion and stress management). Supportive programs include the New Parent Support Program, which is a child development and parenting support program provided by a registered nurse in the home of participants (eligible participants include parents who are pregnant or have children up to the age of 3), couples enrichment programs, emotion and stress management workshops, and parenting skills enhancement courses. Family Advocacy Strength-Based Therapy (FAST) is a voluntary enrichment program for couples who need short-term therapy or improvement in communication skills. FAP offers unrestricted reporting for domestic violence incidents when certain criteria are met.331 Sijan Ave.Whiteman AFB, MO 65305Commercial 660-687-4341DSN 975-4341last_img read more

Weather and Climate

first_imgUtah is semiarid, with low humidity and generous sunshine, and its temperate climate allows for outdoor recreation year-round. In Weber County’s Ogden, the hottest month is July, with an average high of 91 degrees and an average low of 64. In January, the coldest month, the average high is 37 degrees and the average low is 21. Annual rainfall averages 19.15 inches, with the greatest amount, 1.97 inches, falling as April showers.Farmington, Davis County’s county seat, is on par with Ogden as to temperature. July has an average high of 91 degrees and a low of 63; January’s top average is 36 degrees and its low is 22. Farmington, though, is a bit wetter than Ogden, with average annual rainfall totaling just under 22 inches.Because the counties are next to the Great Salt Lake, they can be buffeted with deep lake-effect snow in winter. Cold westerly winds move across the lake’s warmer water and pick up water vapor, which freezes and falls as snow on the lands between the lake and the Wasatch Mountains to the east. Ogden gets, on average, just under 32 inches of snow a year; Farmington has more snowman potential with an average of 49 inches.Local HazardsEvery second counts in a disaster so planning and preparation can be lifesavers. Be Ready Utah is Utah’s official emergency preparedness campaign managed by the Division of Homeland Security. Be Ready Utah gives residents, communities, public safety professionals, businesses and schools valuable information and resources to deal with many different types of Utah emergencies, from earthquakes to wildfires. The website provides information on creating an emergency plan and emergency kit, pet preparedness and disaster preparedness for seniors. For more information, visit following are considered significant hazards in Davis and Weber counties.EarthquakesUtah is a seismically active region and no stranger to damaging earthquakes; it is important to prepare for them beforehand. Start by identifying potential hazards in your home. Secure top-heavy furniture to a wall and use earthquake putty on hanging pictures and mirrors. Secure objects on shelves that could become projectiles during an earthquake.In an earthquake, remember: drop, cover and hold on. If you are not near a table or desk, drop to the floor against an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms. Avoid exterior walls, windows, hanging objects, mirrors and other objects that could fall.For more information on earthquake preparedness, visit the Be Ready Utah website at floods in Utah generally result from rapidly melting snow in late spring and early summer that is swelled by thunderstorms. A flash flood watch is issued when flash flooding is expected within six hours after heavy rains have ended. A flash flood warning is issued for life- and property-threatening flooding that will occur within six hours. During a flash flood watch or warning, stay tuned to local radio or TV stations or a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio for updated information.If you are outdoors during a rainstorm, move to higher ground. Avoid walking through any floodwaters — water just 6 inches deep or even less can sweep you off your feet. If you are driving, avoid flooded areas. The majority of deaths in flash floods occur when people try to drive through water across the road. Roads concealed by water may not be intact, and water only a foot deep can displace a vehicle. If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately and seek higher ground. Rapidly rising water can quickly engulf a vehicle and sweep it away.For more safety information, visit the National Weather Service’s website at more likely at certain times of year, thunderstorms can happen anytime. A severe thunderstorm can knock out power, bring high winds, lightning, flash floods and hail, and spin into a twister in seconds. Pay attention to storm warnings. Remember the rule: “When thunder roars, head indoors.” Once inside, avoid electrical appliances, plumbing fixtures and use only a cordless telephone in an emergency. Unplug your desktop computer. Do the same with other plugged-in electronics or use surge protectors. The National Weather Service recommends following the 30/30 Rule: People should seek shelter if the “Flash-to-Bang” delay — length of time in seconds from the sight of the lightning flash to the arrival of its subsequent thunder — is 30 seconds or less, and remain under cover for 30 minutes after the final thunderclap. Bear in mind that lightning is Utah’s No. 1 weather killer, according to the Utah Center for Climate and Weather. From January 1950 to August 2003, 57 people in Utah died from lightning strikes, compared with 26 from flash floods and one from tornadoes, the center says.For more safety information, visit the National Weather Service’s website at and Weber counties are vulnerable to wildfires during the hot, dry summer months. The majority of wildfires in Utah are caused by humans (e.g., arson, recreational fires that get out of control, smokers’ carelessness, debris burning, fireworks and children playing with fire), but natural causes like lightning can also spark a wildfire.Even when the fires themselves don’t threaten urban areas, their smoke and ash can foul air quality for hundreds of miles. Wildfires are impossible to forecast and unpredictable so preparation is vital. Be sure to visit the Firewise website,, for information on wildfire preparedness, or the Be Ready Utah wildfire website at StormsWinter storms are to be expected in Davis and Weber counties, along with the possibility of heavy lake-effect snow from the Great Salt Lake. Prepare for winter storms by putting together a disaster supply kit for both your home and vehicle, and have your car winterized before the winter storm season arrives. Listen to weather forecasts and plan ahead.A winter storm watch means a winter storm is possible in your area. A winter storm warning means one is headed for you. A blizzard warning means strong winds, blinding snow and dangerous wind chills are on their way. Avoid travel during these watches and warnings.Winter storms can knock out electrical power. During a power outage, gather in a central room with an alternative heat source like a fireplace. Be sure to keep a screen around any open flame and don’t close the damper while the ashes are still hot.During the day, open drapes and blinds to let the sun warm the space. Close them at night to minimize heat loss. If the indoor temperature drops below 55 degrees, open faucets slightly so they constantly drip to prevent pipes from freezing.For more information on winter preparedness, visit read more

This awesome handlebar bag from Route Werks was fully funded in 6 hours

first_imgAs with any Kickstarter project, there is some risk to backing it. However, the reward for trusting that Route Werks will deliver the bags on time in January, 2021, is that you can pick up one of the bags for a discount. Planned MSRP for the Handlebar Bag will start at $179, while the current lowest Kickstarter price is $127 for the bag and a 31.8mm bike mount.Handlebar Bags will be offered in your choice of black or green and there is also an optional matching saddle bag included for a higher pledge. The small bag includes a waterproof zipper, and a .4L capacity and weighs 40g. The bag is fairly narrow at 145 x 235 x 153mm so it fits well between narrow drop bars and still looks like it would provide plenty of room for the movement of shift levers. But thanks to its depth, it still offers 3.2L of storage in a 648g (1.5lb) package. The maximum carry weight is 4kg (9lb), which should offer the ability to haul most of what you’d ever carry in a handlebar bag.Note that while all the photos show the bag mounted to dropbars, it seems like this would also work well on flat bars, if you have a flat bar commuter, gravel, or road set up.Inside, there are storage dividers made from ripstop nylon, and the outside is made from 500D cordura fabric for a water resistant construction. Additional storage is offered with exterior pockets on the side, plus shock cords to strap down things like an extra layer. I know, I know. Kickstarter, right? Often, crowdfunding gives us a glimpse of truly WTF products (The Babymaker e-bike??). But every once in a while, crowdfunding works in the way it was intended – launching a new brand to the masses with a unique new product. That seems to be the case with Route Werks and their new handlebar bag. Apparently two years in the making, this take on the humble bar bag offers a number of clever features – which makes it clear why it was fully funded in just six hours.There’s a lot going on with the bag, but we’ll start with what Route Werks refers to as their customizeable dashboard. The rigid bag top has a built-in Tech Mount which is compatible with Quad Lock, K-Edge, and Barfly adapters giving you a huge range of options for what can be mounted on top. Phones, cameras, GPS units, even lights – although the bag also has threaded M5 accessory mounts on the side which are the ideal place for a light or bell.The rigid polycarbonate top allows you to open the bag away from you while riding, and the integrated stop will keep whatever is mounted on top from smashing into the front of the bag. The latch to open the bag is spring loaded making it super easy to access the contents mid-pedal. Mounted to the handlebar with a rigid bracket, the bag won’t put any pressure on your cables, sag or bounce, or rub on the frame. There’s also a locking on/off lever for easy removal and installation of the bag. Note that the included mount is for 31.8mm bars only. Route Werks says that they will have custom shims with a matching finish available to fit smaller bars, but they are also planning to have dedicated Bike Mount adapters for other sizes in the future.When you’re not riding, you can take the bag with you using the minimalist integrated shoulder strap.last_img read more

Genesis Zero SL Disc carbon road bike teased for British champ Connor Swift

first_imgLast year we got an early look at the latest lightweight SL iteration of Genesis’ still affordable carbon road race bike when Connor Swift was racing a prototype for his Madison Genesis Team. Well, he won the British championship on the new SL bike, and Genesis ended up custom painting one for him. Now Swift is back with a new fancy one-off paint job because of a new light Zero SL Disc he’ll be racing this season.Genesis Zero SL Disc carbon road bike prototype for Swiftc. GenesisConnor Swift still has his custom painted rim brake Genesis Zero SL, but half a year later and it looks like the Genesis Zero Disc is getting the SL treatment as well. As Connor put it, “With Madison being the awesome company they are, I have the privilege of having a second custom national champs bike – with disc brakes!”The new Zero SL Disc bike looks to be less of an evolution from the non-SL version (first introduced in 2016) than it was for the rim brake bikes. The overall shaping of the frame and fork looks unchanged for the most part, suggesting the updates are mostly in the layup, and possibly similar updates for more aggressive handling.Genesis hasn’t actually shared much concrete info on the new SL version of the bike, so we can only really surmise that SL means super light. And that the new version of the carbon road bike will be lighter & stiffer than its predecessor.What we can see is that it retains the semi-integrated fork & headset top cap designs, and looks to still have 12mm thru-axles, flat mount disc brakes, and a traditional external seatpost clamp.“Obviously I could have gone for the same design as my original, however having Rob at Colourburn Studios remake the original wouldn’t be as fun… you can let him loose and come up with a fresh design that is just as cool and amazing as the first time round.Having both of the custom bikes side-by-side will be mega and I love both designs! Huge thanks to Rob and everyone at Madison. The bike features all the same little touches as the first time, but we have gone with a ‘snow camo’ champs effect with red and blue speckle in the paint. I can’t wait to see it in person!”No official word on expected release or availability of the super light Genesis Zero SL Disc carbon road bike. Or of course any mention of read more

Video: BMC Racing Team, View From Inside The Team Car At Paris-Nice

first_imgEver wonder what it’s like to ride in the team car at a Pro Tour race? This video will give you some idea. The BMC team car navigates its way through the caravan at high speed on tricky, narrow roads to get up to their rider Jeff Louder for a bike change. It is also a great example of a smooth bike change, “Take your front wheel Jeff, take your front wheel!”last_img

Pro Road Access – New Video Series Looks Inside Road Racing One Rider at…

first_imgHere’s the backstory, from Brian’s Press Release:Pro Road Access Productions releases first documentary featuring Eric Barlevav of UnitedHealthcare Presented by Maxxis.Los Angeles, CA – Eric Barlevav of the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team Presented by Maxxis is the featured rider in the first of a series of cycling documentaries by Emmy® Award winner Brian Smallwood and his Pro Road Access Productions.Smallwood followed Barlevav around over the course of several months, including the week leading up to the team’s Arizona training camp, as well as time at camp and through races in Central and Southern California during the early season.The Pro Road Access documentary featuring Barlevav is the first in a series that will highlight the pro cycling lifestyle. Smallwood featured Barlevav, a rising talent in the U.S., precisely because he isn’t yet a household name.“As a huge fan of Pro Cycling, I really want to bring my experience and passion to the screen and help more North American Pro riders get into public view,” Smallwood said. “We know who the stars are, the networks do a great job of that. I am trying to bring forward the super talented, though lesser known riders in the peloton. There are some great personalities out there. As a fan, I really want to see them and know their stories.”The show’s mood is fun and relaxed,with lots of music, travel and good living, I take my inspiration from Surfing films.”The Barlevav feature is intended to be the first in a series of made-for-TV documentaries about the lives of pro road cyclists. Other documentaries in the series will focus on riders from a variety of teams racing at different levels in the United States and Europe.“I have spoken to many Pro’s over the last few years and have received great interest from riders such as Chris Horner, Tim Johnson and Christian Vande Velde.” Already attached to future projects are Mike Friedman of Team Jelly Belly, the recent winner of the 10 day tour of Korea, and Ivan Dominguez from team Jamis, Sutter Home. ” I expect more riders to show interest as the show becomes more visible and funding for the series increases.”Smallwood is currently pitching the weekly series to several networks. You can watch the Barlevav documentary at: and see more at: www.proroadaccess.comAbout Brian Smallwood: Brian Smallwood is a former pro mountain bike racer with Klein and Raleigh, Category 1 roadie and California state track champion. In 2005, he won an Emmy® for his work on the Fox Super Bowl pre-show. ProRoadAccess is a new project by Brian Smallwood that documents the peloton, riders and support staff that make up professional road bicycle racing. Episode one follows United Healthcare p/b Maxxis rider Eric Barlevav as he tells how he got into cycling and what it’s like racing on a major team. Intro above, parts one and two after the break…last_img read more

Prototype Look X85 Disc Brake Cyclocross Bike, Keo Power Pedals Almost Here

first_imgLook is showing where it thinks cyclocross bikes are headed with their prototype 2013 X85 disc Cyclocross bike. It’s their first ever ‘cross bike, and they’re not wasting anytime.Rear axle spacing is 135, built here with Easton EC90XC 29er wheels, which illustrates why most of the bikes we’ve seen are using 135 rear spacing: You can pick any of the massive options of lightweight 29er wheels and get started right away. Of course, there are likely to be plenty of tubeless ready, disc-only wheels coming down the pipe, but this gives consumers a lot of choice to build something up anyway they want from the get go. And that’s good, because this will only launch as a frameset, no compete builds planned for launch.See when you can get your hands on it and the Keo Power pedal system after the break… Still in prototype stage, hence the lack of cable bosses for the disc cables/hoses.27.2 seatpost, but massive stays that are heavily shaped. Should give a good mix of comfort and performance. Headtube is straight 1-1/8″ for now, but could possibly go tapered by production time. Fork will get some sort of cable management, too. Full monocoque carbon frame with alloy dropouts and standard bottom bracket. Looking at a March release. Retail will be $3,499 for frame, fork and headset.Speaking of using 29er wheels, you can start looking for 29er versions of their sleek new 920 and 986 mountain bikes for 2013. That’s not official, but heavily suggested by their reps. We’ve got weights and photos of those coming…After being shown for more than a year, Look’s Keo Power pedal system is finally getting ready for primetime. Should be available in October in the U.S. and Europe and by January for most other markets.The computer displays each pedal’s power output directly on the screen in real time.Pricing will be $2,200 for the pedals and transmitters. $2,500 with the Polar CS600. Also compatible with the CS500 and RCX5 watch, so if you already have those units, you can just update them to work with the pedals. As mentioned previously, these work with Polar’s proprietary transmission language, not ANT+, which could limit their appeal to those already running Polar computers and HR monitors that simply want to add power. For everyone else, Garmin’s ANT+ based system, which just happens to run Keo-compatible pedals, likely makes more sense…and gives you GPS.last_img read more