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Harry Dunn: US rejects extradition request for diplomat’s wife

first_img Harry Dunn’s family (Getty Images) Also Read: Harry Dunn: US rejects extradition request for Anne Sacoolas Harry Dunn’s family (Getty Images) A spokeswoman for the Home Office added: “We are urgently considering our options.” A statement from the US State Department said accepting the request would “render the invocation of diplomatic immunity a practical nullity”. Friday 24 January 2020 9:37 am US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected the UK’s extradition request in an email to the UK Government on Thursday evening. Harry Dunn: US rejects extradition request for Anne Sacoolas Dunn died after his motorbike was in a collision with a car owned by Sacoolas, 42, who is alleged to have been driving on the wrong side of the road. The US has rejected an extradition request for Anne Sacoolas from the Home Office after she was charged with causing death by dangerous driving by the Crown Prosecution Service. Seiger added: “It’s one of the darkest days in the history of this special relationship.” Harry Dunn, 19, was killed following a crash in Northamptonshire last August which led to Sacoolas, the wife of a US intelligence officer, returning to America under diplomatic immunity. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously said the chance of Sacoolas ever returning to the UK was very low. “The reality is that this administration, which we say is behaving lawlessly and taking a wrecking ball to one of the greatest alliances in the world, they won’t be around forever whereas that extradition request will be,” he told the BBC. whatsappcenter_img “We will simply plot and plan for a reasonable administration to come in one day and to reverse this decision.” The crash happened outside RAF Croughton where Sacoolas’ husband Jonathan worked as an intelligence officer. Family spokesman Radd Seiger said the rejection “factored it into our planning and strategy” and that they had taken the news “in our stride”. Share by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBetterBe20 Stunning Female AthletesBetterBeDaily FunnyFemale Athlete Fails You Can’t Look Away FromDaily FunnyFinanceChatterViewers Had To Look Away When This Happened On Live TVFinanceChatterRest Wow68 Hollywood Stars Who Look Unrecognizable NowRest WowMisterStoryWoman files for divorce after seeing this photoMisterStoryNoteableyJulia Robert’s Daughter Turns 16 And Looks Just Like Her MomNoteableyzenherald.comDolly Finally Took Off Her Wig, Fans Gaspedzenherald.comNinjaJournalistMichael Jordan’s Divorce Settlement Has Finally Been Revealed.NinjaJournalistGameday NewsMichael Oher Tells A Whole Different Story About ‘The Blind Side’Gameday News Michael Searles “Boris Johnson wanted to be prime minister, he is now being tested severely. whatsapp “I expect him today to rise to that challenge and come and meet with me and the family and tell us what he’s going to do about it.” Andrea Leadsom, who is the MP for Dunn’s family’s constituency of south Northamptonshire, will meet with US ambassador Woody Johnson in London later today to discuss the case. The Home Office said the decision appeared “to be a denial of justice”. Harry Dunn’s family (Getty Images) Also Read: Harry Dunn: US rejects extradition request for Anne Sacoolas Show Comments ▼last_img read more

DEBATE: Should the mayor of London move City Hall to the Royal Docks?

first_imgThursday 25 June 2020 11:37 am Show Comments ▼ These are not simply offices and chambers, but icons of their city. London councils face a budget shortfall of £1.3bn this year. Transport for London’s fares income has fallen by more than 90 per cent. The Greater London Authority Group faces a shortfall of £500m over the next two years — leaving no choice other than significant cuts to police, fire and transport services. And rather than acting to invest in our economic recovery and local services, the government is allowing a new era of austerity to take hold. whatsapp Symbolism matters, and while Newham is a fantastic borough, the seat of Greater London’s government should not be separated from its heart. City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M. Relocating to the Royal Docks would save £55m over five years, which can be invested in jobs, services and skills provision.  Joanne McCartney, statutory deputy mayor of London, says YES. Joanne McCartneyJoanne McCartney is statutory deputy mayor of London and John OxleyJohn Oxley is a Conservative commentator whatsapp Moving the whole show down the length of the DLR would make the city’s government less visible, and by that less relevant and accountable.  The mayor makes no apologies for prioritising economic recovery and public services over bricks and mortar. City Halls should be knitted into the civic fabric (Getty Images) Also Read: DEBATE: Should the mayor of London move City Hall to the Royal Docks? City Halls should be about more than function and efficiency. They should be knitted into the civic fabric. Think of the Palazzo Vecchio, a marker on the Florentine skyline, or the Hôtel de Ville which has been an active part of Paris’ tumultuous history. center_img John Oxley, a Conservative commentator and former candidate for Newham Council, says NO. Opinion Should the mayor of London move City Hall to the Royal Docks? Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeBetterBe20 Stunning Female AthletesBetterBeUndoAtlantic MirrorA Kilimanjaro Discovery Has Proved This About The BibleAtlantic MirrorUndoMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailUndoMisterStoryWoman files for divorce after seeing this photoMisterStoryUndoDaily FunnyFemale Athlete Fails You Can’t Look Away FromDaily FunnyUndoMoney PopThe 20 Most Valuable Collectible Hot Wheels CarsMoney PopUndoBigGlobalTravelCelebrities That Are Still Married TodayBigGlobalTravelUndoMagellan TimesThis Is Why The Roy Rogers Museum Has Been Closed For GoodMagellan TimesUndoGameday NewsMichael Oher Tells A Whole Different Story About ‘The Blind Side’Gameday NewsUndo Share City Halls should be knitted into the civic fabric (Getty Images) Also Read: DEBATE: Should the mayor of London move City Hall to the Royal Docks? Main image credit: Getty DEBATE: Should the mayor of London move City Hall to the Royal Docks? The catastrophic economic consequences of Covid-19 have already hit London’s economy hard. Unemployment is rising. Millions are furloughed. Tax revenues have fallen. Against this backdrop, the mayor must consider every option to protect frontline services. That’s why he is personally committed to taking a 10 per cent pay cut, and why he is considering leaving the current City Hall building to save money.  City Halls should be knitted into the civic fabric (Getty Images) The Greater London Authority’s “Glass Gonad” may lack the same history or beauty, but its location speaks to an important narrative. On the banks of the river, across from the history of the Tower and the promise of the City, the thread of London’s greatness runs right through it. It is at the centre of the city, both geographically and psychologically.last_img read more

Alaska’s Pot Cafes Will Give Patrons A Taste Of Cannabis

first_imgMarijuanaAlaska’s Pot Cafes Will Give Patrons A Taste Of CannabisDecember 28, 2015 by Elizabeth Jenkins, NPR Share:James Barrett. (Photo by by Elizabeth Jenkins/KTOO)Alaska is about to become the first state to have pot cafes where people can buy and consume marijuana, similar to Amsterdam.Right now, that’s not legal in other states that have recreational marijuana.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Brothers James and Giono Barrett, who own a marijuana business, Rainforest Farms, in Juneau, also plan to produce a line of chocolate bars infused with pot. They’ll be an alternative to the sugary, processed edibles Giono says he has eaten recently in Colorado.“Man, when I was down there there was just a lot of products I didn’t want to put in my body at all — not because of the cannabis,” he says. “I actually got sick off one of them. I got nauseous.”Unlike Colorado, Rainforest Farms can have a cafe for its customers to eat their pot-infused treats. In November, the Alaska state marijuana control board approved on-site consumption at retail stores. Those businesses could start popping up as early as summer. Each municipality has to give the ultimate OK.“I am not thinking, ‘Oh, goody, goody, we’re going to get rich because of pot.’ That is not in my thought process at all,” says Mary Becker, Juneau’s mayor.She’s a retired middle school teacher. Drug aversion programs, she says, were a regular staple in her classroom.“I have grandchildren and I’ve taught school and I want to see these young people have good jobs. They can’t even get a job in the mine if they test with a drug in their system,” she says.Pot cafes in Alaska give people a legal place to consume marijuana, but some municipalities have anti-smoking laws. Juneau has a strict clean air ordinance that prohibits smoking tobacco and marijuana in public places, in businesses like restaurants and even in private clubs like an Elks Lodge.Becker says while she’s not excited her state would be the first to have marijuana cafes, a pot brownie doesn’t bother her as much as a joint.“I mean, I’d rather people didn’t put their calories in their bodies with edibles of drugs, but it does not damage the smoking ordinance and that’s been one of my real concerns,” she says.Attorney Kevin Higgins says he smokes marijuana at his home to relieve job stress but would consider going to pot cafes.He says the number of local pot enthusiasts like himself probably isn’t big enough to sustain businesses. But there is another possibility.“Tourists are obviously willing to pay a premium on a lot of things just to be part of the experience of floating up the Inside Passage,” he says.And with close to a million cruise ship passengers each year, marijuana cafes could mean an added attraction in Juneau.But Becker says pot pales in comparison to the city’s other attractions.“Have we looked at the Mendenhall Glacier? Have we gone out on the water and seen the whales? I have a hard time thinking people are going to come to Juneau to get their pot,” Becker says.Read Original Article – December 24, 2015 4:55 AM ETAlaska’s Pot Cafes Will Give Patrons A Taste Of CannabisShare this story:last_img read more

In Goodnews Bay, the Pledge of Allegiance is a way to speak Yup’ik in school

first_imgAlaska Native Arts & Culture | Education | SouthwestIn Goodnews Bay, the Pledge of Allegiance is a way to speak Yup’ik in schoolOctober 30, 2018 by Isabelle Ross, KDLG-Dillingham Share:Students at Rocky Mountain School in Goodnews Bay recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Yup’ik. (Photo courtesy of Sally Benedict)At 8:35 each morning, a community member leads all 64 students in kindergarten through 12th grade in the Pledge of Allegiance in Yup’ik. It is an effort to integrate the language into the school day in the absence of a Yup’ik teacher.The Pledge of Allegiance, written in Yup’ik. (Photo courtesy of Sally Benedict)“The school board asked me where we’re at on our Yup’ik teacher, and at this present time, there’s nobody who has filled that position yet,” Principal Sally Benedict explained. “We wanted to make sure that we still had Yup’ik going on in the school. So we all went into the Yup’ik room, and we looked on our wall and saw the Pledge of Allegiance. And we thought that would be a great place to start.”Unlike many dual language schools in the Lower Kuskokwim School District that teach in both Yup’ik and English, Rocky Mountain is “English first.” And finding a Yup’ik language teacher in the small community has been challenging.“You have to be able to speak, read and write Yup’ik, and you have to be able pass proficiency exams on the speaking, reading, and writing, as well as being able to pass what’s called a Praxis exam,” Benedict said.The school must hire non-regular certified instructors as associate teachers enrolled in an education program. Since 2013, LKSD has required teachers who do not hold a degree to earn one by taking nine credits per year. The goal is to have more state-qualified Yup’ik teachers.The biggest hurdle to finding a teacher, Benedict said, is that the position is part-time.Students assemble in the Rocky Mountain School gymnasium in Goodnews Bay. (Photo courtesy of Sally Benedict)“It’s two hours, four days a week. It is not a full-time job. So, it’s super hard to get somebody,” she explained.To fill the curricular void, the school is looking for a traditional cultural specialist for next semester.Applicants still need to pass a proficiency exam in Yup’ik, but they do not have to take college classes. The teaching position will remain open in hopes of attracting an instructor willing to become a certified teacher. For now, the students at Rocky Mountain School will learn the Yup’ik Pledge of Allegiance line-by-line.Share this story:last_img read more

Angoon, the largest Southeast Alaska community without an airport, may soon get one

first_imgEconomy | Southeast | TransportationAngoon, the largest Southeast Alaska community without an airport, may soon get oneDecember 17, 2019 by Ari Snider, KCAW Share:Angoon, pictured here in 2017, is home to about 460 people. Currently, the town relies on a seaplane base for air travel. (Photo by KCAW Raven Radio)Angoon is the largest town in Southeast Alaska without an airport. But that is changing. The Alaska Department of Transportation is moving ahead with plans to construct a 3,300-foot runway south of town. The airport is still a few years out, but a recent public information session provided updates on the project and allowed residents to get their questions answered.The idea of building an airport in Angoon has been in the works for years, but mayor Josh Bowen said planning sped up recently. A landing strip is now on the not-too-distant horizon, with construction expected to start in 2021.“In the short, almost two years that I’ve been with the city, it seems to me like it’s moving pretty dang fast,” Bowen said.Currently, the town’s air traffic is limited to float planes. And night landings are prohibited at the Angoon Seaplane Base for safety reasons. The DOT plan calls for a 3,300 foot runway just south of town, with the potential for future extensions. It will be able to accommodate small passenger and medevac planes. And it will have lights to facilitate night landings. In addition to making Angoon more accessible, Bowen said the town’s relatively calm weather will allow the airport to serve as a safe harbor for regional air traffic. “Not only is it just going to be a good thing for the town but I think it’s gonna be a good thing for everyone that’s flying by here,” Bowen said. “You know because if you need to get out of the weather, you’re not able to make it over to Juneau or whatever, they can just stop in Angoon.” DOT spokesperson Sam Dapcevich said the new airport is expected to cost around $45 million. The Federal Aviation Administration will reimburse nearly the entire cost, with the state contributing a small match. Once the project is complete, the DOT will contract out maintenance and operation responsibilities. The acceleration of the plan comes as Angoon is grappling with the loss of ferry service. The airport was in the works long before the current ferry debacle, but Bowen said it’s made him and others on the city council think hard about alternative transit strategies. “Especially with the decrease in service from the ferry, we need to look at all options we have for transportation. And you know this airport is gonna be a big help,” he said.The DOT plans to break ground in 2021, and complete the project in about three years.Share this story:last_img read more

Do you suffer from asthma? Maybe you should check again – an estimated 1m adults have been inaccurately diagnosed in the UK

first_img whatsapp Show Comments ▼ Sarah Spickernell by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekMoneyPailShe Was A Star, Now She Works In ScottsdaleMoneyPailElite HeraldExperts Discover Girl Born From Two Different SpeciesElite Heraldzenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comNoteableyKirstie Alley Is So Skinny Now And Looks Like A BarbieNoteableyBeverly Hills MDPlastic Surgeon Explains: “Doing This Every Morning Can Snap Back Sagging Skin” (No Creams Needed)Beverly Hills MDEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity MirrorUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementIf Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Every Day)Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementPost FunKate & Meghan Are Very Different Mothers, These Photos Prove ItPost Fun A quarter of adults diagnosed with asthma in the UK may not actually suffer from it, according to an NHS watchdog. The inflammatory respiratory disease affects people of all ages, and causes such problems as wheezing and attacks of breathlessness.  There is no definitive test to identify the disease, however, which means doctors have to base their diagnoses on experience and symptoms rather than clinical evidence. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), this means that over one million of the 4.3m UK adults who have been told they suffer from asthma, over a million may have been inaccurately diagnosed.  The public health body says that since these individuals show no clinical symptoms of the disease, they may in fact be suffering from other disorders which have similar impacts on the respiratory system.  Since asthma treatments can have some negative side effects, Nice has urged people who think they might have been inaccurately diagnosed to go and see their doctors. However, they advise no one to stop taking their treatments of their own accord.  Additionally, unrequited treatment could be costing the government vast sums of money – each year, the NHS spends an estimated £1bn on treating and caring for the country’s asthma sufferers. To improve the accuracy of diagnosis, Nice has proposed some new guidelines for doctors to adhere to when dealing with a potential asthma case, and hopes they will have come into effect by the summer. Rather than using their own experience, they are encouraging the adoption of more clinical tests, such as the use of spirometry – a machine allowing doctors to measure how much and how fast a person breathes out.    Prof Mark Baker, director of clinical practice at NICE, told the BBC: “Accurate diagnosis of asthma has been a significant problem which means that people may be wrongly diagnosed or cases might be missed in others. “Our aim with this guideline is to give clarity and set out the most clinical and cost-effective ways to diagnose and monitor asthma based on the best available evidence.” Wednesday 28 January 2015 5:43 am Do you suffer from asthma? Maybe you should check again – an estimated 1m adults have been inaccurately diagnosed in the UK whatsapp Tags: NULL Sharelast_img read more

Atkins weathers oil price storm in nuclear push

first_img Thursday 11 June 2015 9:15 pm Show Comments ▼ ENGINEERING firm Atkins managed to shrug off most of the ill effects of the recent plunge in oil prices by moving further into the nuclear power sector, its chief executive said yesterday.Dr Uwe Krueger told City A.M. the group’s energy business had been successful in the year to 31 March due to its diversity. “The oil price clearly has an affect on the company, but oil and gas is only about 40 per cent of our energy business, we have expanded much more into nuclear,” he said.The company reported a slight increase in revenue for the year, up to £1.76bn (£1.14bn), from £1.75bn in 2014. However, pre-tax profit fell by 6.6 per cent, from £114m to £107mKrueger highlighted the 14.6 per cent increase in underlying profit, which went from £106m to £122m, and the operating cashflow, which grew by 40 per cent to £133.9m.“That tells you about the healthy operations and that the clients are paying up,” he said.Analysts at Numis said the group’s headline figures were “very modestly ahead of expectations”, and noted that the outlook for the UK and Europe is stable “in a market which we think should see continued increases in infrastructure spending”. In particular, the broker said, the UK was the “primary contributor” to better growth in the second half of the year.Shares in Atkins were up by 1.07 per cent yesterday to 1,508p. whatsapp Share Tags: Oil pricescenter_img Atkins weathers oil price storm in nuclear push Ad Unmute by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeMaternity WeekA Letter From The Devil Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Been TranslatedMaternity WeekUndoPost FunKate & Meghan Are Very Different Mothers, These Photos Prove ItPost FunUndoInvestment GuruRemember Cote De Pablo? Take A Deep Breath Before You See Her NowInvestment GuruUndozenherald.comMeghan Markle Changed This Major Detail On Archies Birth Certificatezenherald.comUndoEquity MirrorThey Drained Niagara Falls — They Weren’t Prepared For This Sickening DiscoveryEquity MirrorUndoTele Health DaveRemember Pierce Brosnan’s Wife? Take A Deep Breath Before You See What She Looks Like NowTele Health DaveUndoLivestlyThe Best Redhead Actresses, RankedLivestlyUndoTaonga: The Island FarmThe Most Relaxing Farm Game of 2021. No InstallTaonga: The Island FarmUndoNovelodgePierce Brosnan’s Wife Lost 120 Pounds – This Is Her NowNovelodgeUndo whatsapp Read This Next’A Quiet Place Part II’ Sets Pandemic Record in Debut WeekendFamily ProofBest Wine Gifts & Wine Accessories at Every PriceGayotHiking Gadgets: Amazon Deals Perfect For Your Next AdventureFamily ProofIndian Spiced Vegetable Nuggets: Recipes Worth CookingFamily ProofAmazon roars for MGM’s lion, paying $8.45 billion for studio behind JamesFamily ProofHomemade Tomato Soup: Delicious Recipes Worth CookingFamily ProofCheese Crostini: Delicious Recipes Worth CookingFamily ProofWhat is ‘Ranked-Choice Voting,’ the New System for New York’s MayoralFamily ProofYoga for Beginners: 3 Different Types of Yoga You Should TryFamily Proof Express KCS last_img read more

Bank of Canada to wait and see as it holds rates

first_img Bank of Canada to wait and see as it holds rates Express KCS THE BANK of Canada (BoC) kept interest rates at 0.5 per cent yesterday, in line with analysts’ expectations. The BoC has cut rates twice recently, as the country grapples with a collapse in oil and commodity prices. The Canadian economy entered a technical recession in the first half the year – six straight months of economic contraction – yet it remains in fairly good shape, with unemployment at seven per cent, well below 2009 levels. Wages are also still rising in real terms. The BoC was optimistic on growth going forward, expecting some help from its neighbour.“Economic activity continues to be underpinned by solid household spending and a firm recovery in the United States, with particular strength in the sectors of the US economy that are important for Canadian exports,” it said in a statement. The bank also signalled it would not be in any rush to begin lifting rates as it waits to see how its adjustment to cheap oil pans out.“Canada’s resource sector continues to adjust to lower prices for oil and other commodities, with some spillover to the rest of the economy. These adjustments are complex and are expected to take considerable time,” it said. Wednesday 9 September 2015 8:55 pm whatsapp whatsappcenter_img Show Comments ▼ Share Read This NextRicky Schroder Calls Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl ‘Ignorant Punk’ forThe Wrap’Drake & Josh’ Star Drake Bell Arrested in Ohio on Attempted ChildThe WrapDid Donald Trump Wear His Pants Backwards? Kriss Kross Memes Have AlreadyThe WrapCNN’s Brian Stelter Draws Criticism for Asking Jen Psaki: ‘What Does theThe Wrap’Black Widow’ First Reactions: ‘This Is Like the MCU’s Bond Movie’The WrapThe Truth About Bottled Water – Get the Facts on Drinking Bottled WaterGayotHarvey Weinstein to Be Extradited to California to Face Sexual AssaultThe WrapWatch President Biden Do Battle With a Cicada: ‘It Got Me’ (Video)The WrapPink Floyd’s Roger Waters Denies Zuckerberg’s Request to Use Song in Ad:The Wraplast_img read more

Why do Amish kids have fewer allergies? The answer may come from the farm

first_img It’s support for the so-called hygiene hypothesis: the idea that a lack of early childhood exposure to a diversity of germs can keep the immune system underdeveloped and more likely to overreact to things that are harmless — resulting in allergies and asthma.advertisement Privacy Policy Related: Related: Children with allergies, asthma may be at risk of heart problems, too In trying to explain America’s rising rates of allergies and asthma, one of the common theories is that we’re just too clean. And that theory just got a boost by scientists studying traditional farming communities.The Amish communities concentrated in America’s rust belt share many similarities with other traditionalist sects, including the Hutterites, a group of Anabaptists that live largely in Canada and in the northwestern United States. Both are Christian groups that eschew most modern technology and make much of their livelihood from farming. But they have a key difference: Amish families farm traditionally, using hand-held or livestock-powered tools, while Hutterites use modern farm implements.And that appears to make a crucial difference to their health: While less than 10 percent of Amish schoolchildren have asthma and allergies, the prevalence in Hutterite children is over 20 and 30 percent respectively.advertisement Are doctors overdiagnosing asthma? HealthWhy do Amish kids have fewer allergies? The answer may come from the farm It’s almost as if the immune system is “bored,” says Anne Sperling, an immunologist at the University of Chicago and a colleague of Ober. “Kids who live in just a bit dirtier environments are actually more protected against asthma and allergies.”The Hutterites and Amish actually have very similar ancestral backgrounds. They can trace their ancestors to Central European communities only about 15 miles apart, and they remain fairly genetically isolated from the rest of American society.This genetic similarity gave Ober and her colleagues an opportunity to focus on lifestyle differences, the major one being farming practices. Both communities rely heavily on farming, but while the Amish use pre-industrial farming practices, like horse-pulled plows and hand sowed seeds, the Hutterites use modern tractors and milking machines. Traditional farming means the Amish have much more exposure to microbes in their farms — an exposure they pass on to their children when they come home from the fields. Ober’s team found almost seven times more diversity of microbial life in dust from Amish homes than dust from Hutterite homes.The children’s blood told a story of diverging immune profiles as well. For example, Amish children had higher levels of white blood cells called neutrophils, while those cells had lower levels of three proteins known to play a role in inflammatory responses.The researchers then took those dust extracts back to the lab. For a month they exposed mice to dust from each community before inducing asthma in the mice. In mice exposed to dust from Amish households, the asthmatic response was less severe, with airways contracting half as much as control mice. The Hutterite dust almost always had the opposite effect.“This tells us something in the dust is protective,” said Sperling.And when they engineered mice lacking genes important for immune system functioning, the protective effect was lost, providing even stronger evidence that the lack of allergies and asthma in Amish children is due to something unique about their immune systems, she said.The findings are compelling, said Ober, but the scientists can’t rule out the possibility that an uncontrolled difference, like geography, could have influenced the results. (The Amish groups sampled lived in Indiana, while the Hutterites lived in South Dakota.) Ober is hoping to do a follow-up experiment in which Hutterites would expose their babies to more from their environment. Leave this field empty if you’re human: At this point the researchers are also unable to say what specific component of the dust might be protective.“We have this grandmother sort of wisdom that [says], sure you need to go and get exposed to dirt and bacteria so you can grow healthy and protected,” said Talal Chatila, a pediatric researcher specializing in immunology at Boston Children’s Hospital, who was not involved in research. “The science is now moving to actually starting to define at the molecular level what are the components or factors that enable particular exposures to be protective against allergic diseases.” By Lindzi Wessel Aug. 3, 2016 Reprints In a study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, Carole Ober, a geneticist at the University of Chicago, and her colleagues conclude that dust from the farm fields might protect Amish children from asthma and allergies, while shelter from this exposure might leave Hutterite children vulnerable. Newsletters Sign up for Daily Recap A roundup of STAT’s top stories of the day. Tags allergiesasthmamicrobes Scott R. Galvin/AP While the idea of some sort of pill or spray that could kickstart our children’s immune systems remains in the realm of science fiction, the study reminds us that our children don’t have to live in completely sterilized environments, said Sperling.“It might be important just to let them be kids and be outside … and play in the dirt,” she said. “All that might be important stimuli to develop an immune system that’s protective against asthma.” Please enter a valid email address.last_img read more

U.S., European regulators to enhance oversight of central counterparties

first_imgJames Langton Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Earlier this year, U.S. and European authorities announced that they had agreed on a common approach regulating and approving CCPs. The MOU announced on Monday follows from that agreement, which aims to increase regulatory convergence, making it easier for derivatives clearing firms to operate in each another’s markets. “The execution of this MOU satisfies a condition of the ESMA recognition process and serves to facilitate recognition of U.S. CCPs,” notes the CFTC. Share this article and your comments with peers on social media The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Monday designed to facilitate co-operation between the regulators in the oversight of derivatives clearing firms that are seeking to become recognized as central counterparties (CCPs). The MOU covers ESMA’s assessment of regulatory compliance by U.S. clearing firms that are seeking to become recognized as CCPs in Europe, and monitoring of their ongoing compliance with the conditions for recognition. last_img read more