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The shifting meaning of sexual consent: Law professor presents Nov. 7

first_imgPublished: Oct. 17, 2018 Event informationWho: Open to the publicWhat: “The Laws of Attraction: The Shifting Meaning of Sexual Consent”When: Wednesday, Nov. 7, 5:30 p.m.Where: Haddon, Morgan and Foreman P.C., 150 E. 10th Avenue, DenverCost: Free for all Colorado Law and CU Boulder students, faculty, and staff, recent (2013-2018) graduates, and Law Alumni Ambassadors, $10 for all other alumni, and $20 for other guests.RegisterProfessor Aya Gruber will discuss the meaning of sexual consent in an upcoming lecture in Denver on Nov. 7. Her research and teaching areas focus on feminist legal theory, critical race theory, and criminal law. The slogans are ubiquitous: “Only ‘Yes’ Means ‘Yes'”; “Got Consent?”; “Consent is Hot, Assault is Not!” Clear consent is the rule, but the meaning of sexual consent is far from clear. The current state of confusion is evident in the numerous competing views about what constitutes mental agreement (grudging acceptance or eager desire?) and what comprises performative consent (passive acquiescence or an enthusiastic “yes”?). In the final lecture of the 2018 Colorado Law Talks series, Gruber will seek to clear up the consent confusion and chart the contours of the sexual consent framework, categorizing different definitions of affirmative consent, and critically describing arguments for and against affirmative consent. Examining the consent framework and the affirmative consent debate reveals exactly what is at stake in this new world of reform—a revelation necessary for meaningful dialogue on acceptable sex and acceptable sex regulation.Gruber’s forthcoming book, The Feminist War on Crime, is under contract with the University of California Press. Colorado Law Talks is a series of lectures in Denver that provide members of the community an opportunity to hear about the lecturers’ current research or teaching, and to discuss the questions and ideas that motivate, influence, and shape their work. A reception will follow.Thank you to Haddon, Morgan and Foreman P.C. for hosting this event.Categories:Newslast_img read more