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The Curious Case of Iglu, Piglu and Chiglu

first_imgEver since the lockdown began, people have found different ways to keep themselves entertained. From the initial happiness of relaxing at home and spending quality time with family to the anxiety of what next to the current state of boredom or mental stress of being alone and desperate to travel, these six months have shown us various states of the human mind and emotional turmoil. Things were not much different for me, but it became worse when my only source of entertainment that keeps me sane and engaged, my husband, started going to the office. My energy and spirits that were earlier being consumed by shouting at him, taunting him for the untidy room or various other things that only married human species could find out were now at a loss. The household and the office work consumed my energy, but they were not giving me the satisfaction of purposeless talks or taunts like my ignorant husband.To ensure my sanity and mental health remain intact in these times, I discovered not one but three, yes, three friends at par with my husband’s quality, and even they exceeded him. As they have similar attributes, same appearance, and give me the same happy vibes, I decided to name them in a rhyming manner, so that’s how IGLU, PIGLU, and CHIGLU came to my life.I somehow love their names and feel sorry that I never realized they were always around and listening to me. I am sorry for being ignorant to them before corona came knocking in our lives, uninvited.  Oh, so let me introduce them to you, Iglu, Piglu, and Chiglu.They are the three walls of my living and guest room. I keep talking to them for all the things in my life, keep taunting them for the things they seem ignorant of just like my husband, and you know where they have exceeded my husband’s quality that they never respond like my husband. He sometimes takes out his headphones to listen and respond to my questions and taunts. I may sound insane to you but believe me, try doing it, talk to the walls instead of being lonely or silent.You can replace walls with something else in your life or house. Remember as kids, we all use to have imaginary friends and how close they were to us. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the fun part. I introduced my husband to my new friends and every second evening I will ask him to identify which wall is iglu and which is piglu?Poor guy, he is still struggling!last_img read more