VR education how to play That’s what these companies do

from the beginning of 2014, VR has served as a leader in the forefront of science and technology, however, the host side VR sales unsatisfactory, mobile phone VR and not too much reuse rate, fame and can not eat. To this end, the industry believes that the application of the VR+ industry is the first profitable place in the VR industry. The VR+ education is one of the hottest fields ". However, due to the VR itself is a very fresh existence, VR+ education in the end how to promote this is still an issue to be explored, however, the market has already begun to try. This article will take inventory.


super crystalite


technology is the black crystal in early virtual reality startup at the beginning of this year, they decided to enter the VR education, and the launch of the VR super classroom.

in general, this scheme is very similar to the traditional computer room, specific for each desk is equipped with a AR interactive Pad and VR machine, after the students take the VR helmet can feel personally on the scene such as the big bang scenario. At the same time, the teacher can also use the VR controller to adjust the content of the students to see the VR, and learn through the computer and grasp the rhythm of the class, to monitor the dynamics of student learning, improve teaching efficiency.


in addition, it can also simulate the real classroom lectures, students can share and exchange between each other to enhance the experience of lectures. Teachers can also see the dynamic perspective of each student, will be more conducive to teachers in the classroom teaching management.


sail will put.


sail will put the beginning is started from the screen, do special ball screen theater, but they are also keen on the hot field of VR education, and recently launched a "fun class named" VR education solutions.

and VR head by explicit scheme because of different "interest class" mainly used is similar to the 3D film equipment, broadcast the processed video on the computer, students experience the 3D effect by wearing polarized glasses. The sail will put that in the VR helmet has not proven to young people under the eyes no harm to use VR helmet is a kind of irresponsible, in addition, they also said that VR is actually the real focus is on interaction. To this end, sail will put for a hardware controller with interest class ", which can be used to control the viewing angle.

although the program is not fashionable to use the VR helmet, but the cost may be more easily accepted, almost no need to transform the traditional computer classroom.

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