Number of banks to test the online banking transfer free third party payment or passive trap

analysts believe that the move will not only promote other banks to follow up, but also to deal with the impact of the third party payment platform from the internet.

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Beijing, December 10, (Zhong Qing) earlier this month, China CITIC Bank and Zheshang Bank officially joined the online banking and mobile phone bank transfer free camp, so far, half a year at least six commercial banks or local opening a whole era of free mobile phone banking, online bank transfer. Analysts believe that the move will not only promote other banks to follow up, but also to deal with the impact of the third party payment platform from the internet.

first try

announced a number of banks online banking, mobile phone transfer free

December 1st, CITIC Bank announced the official cancellation of personal online banking transfer fees. The bank said that from now on the bank’s customers through personal online banking for domestic transfer business, including off-site and interbank transfer can enjoy the privilege of fees.

soon after, Zhejiang bank also decided in December 5th for personal settlement of electronic channels for free, including Internet banking, mobile phone banking, automatic transfer machine, ATM and other electronic channels, will enjoy the interbank transfer free policy.

is different from the other bank, Zhejiang bank put forward the "electronic channels" that includes ATM and other offline channels, allow consumers to see the domestic wire transfers are free of hope.

in fact, as early as September of this year, China Merchants Bank decided since September 21st the online bank of the bank or whether cross city, off-site transfer all free; in October, CITIC Bank Zaiduofali, in mobile phone banking, personal banking two channels to achieve transfer fee waiver of preferential treatment; then the Bank of Jiangsu and Bank of Shanghai "taking over, announced plans for free transfer network.

for free measures of commercial banks have launched the industry believes that this will attract more new customers, which will cause pressure on other banks, especially small and medium-sized joint-stock banks and city commercial banks may soon follow. With the deepening of competition, the bank will give users more and more concessions to cancel the transfer fee is the trend of the network.

compared to the artificial counter, the bank through the mobile terminal or PC side of the transfer of the business, there is no cost of labor costs, online banking transfer free more customers can be drained to the online channel." Central University of Finance and Economics finance professor Guo Tianyong said.

to expand around

large state-owned banks still hold a wait and see attitude

it is not difficult to see that the current realization of online banking, mobile banking transfer free of charge for more commercial banks or local banks, the four major state-owned banks have not made the relevant statement.

to a large state-owned bank online banking transfers, for example, 2000 yuan fee of $0.5, $2000 to $5000

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