Cloud data the server is how to do with the choice of high quality server

In fact,

Xiaobian also very nonsensical thought of the title, the server is used for what?

server is a high performance computer, as a network node, storage, processing of 80% of the network data, information, so also known as the soul of the network. Make a vivid metaphor: like the post office server switches, and computer, laptop, PDA, mobile phone and other fixed or mobile terminal, such as family, scattered in various offices and public places at the telephone. In our daily life and work with the outside world in the telephone exchange and communication, must through the switch, in order to get to the phone; also with the computer so server is basically similar to that of a processor, hard disk, memory, a system bus, they are for the network application specific formulation, and server and PC in processing power, the stability, reliability, security, scalability, manageability and other aspects are very different. Especially with the development of information technology, the network becomes more and more obvious, processing ability and security of their information system data requirements are increasingly high, if you are a hacker steal passwords, loss of key business data in the process of electronic commerce; if you can not access at the ATM and you should consider these devices in the system behind the leader – server, rather than complaining about the quality of the staff and other objective conditions.


server is a fixed node address, and provide services for network users, it is an important part to realize the sharing of resources, the main server network server, print server, terminal server, disk server and file server etc..

a lot of people hire and buy a server, it will hear from the sale of a word, that is cost-effective.


this machine price how high, than you advice which is much better. In fact, a lot of people are going to buy things when the price will be high, but I do not know, the price has become a trap, merchants flicker means. For example, for example, DELL looked at how cheap, careful people have noticed, DELL all advertising bottom line of small print "if you want to upgrade to X customer service service, please add XX money, guarantee time limit, but also a part of the price. Just like renting servers and value-added service, the server rental price is very cheap, but if you want to let the other technology to help you install a software operation or what, you belong to the value-added services, to pay for another. Please add this part to the comparison, so that it is called the real justice.

said so much, then what kind of cost-effective, in fact there is no price, right now the server hardware prices so transparent, which is not part of the nominal price, but a penny. Different price, will be corresponding to different grades of goods. Some people seek to spend the least money to buy the highest configuration, while some people pursue the use of quality problems. The >

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