3 popular nternet business model buy virtual goods and Applications

September 17th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States now on the 3 network business model popular: buy, virtual goods and applications.

1 buy:

to the United States to buy site Groupon as the representative, the group has brought enormous business opportunities, with the characteristics of rapid profit.

mode: buy a website every day to the depth of the discount to launch a transaction, scheduled to reach a certain number of users will be able to enter into force, the site and the merchant into sales revenue. Because of the prepaid service, websites and businesses can quickly get cash.

2 virtual goods:

is represented by Zynga’s social games. Although this model is older than the discount deal, it is proven to be very powerful. Virtual goods are a number of digital products, such as video games or social networking in the gift or the role of clothing, can convey emotions and spend less, it is easy for the user to open the purse.

in 2009 the United States virtual commodity market took off, is expected in 2010 the market size of $1 billion 600 million.

3 mobile applications:

represented by apple and Android app store. It’s a market that’s not there three years ago, and now, in the United States, 59% of smartphone users have downloaded an app in the last 1 months. From the application point of view, 76% of the news application users and the application of the game category of users said it would buy the application of 91%.

and discount trading and virtual gifts, the traditional concept of application broke people don’t pay for the Internet, there are positive signs that the global Internet startups are growing, and ready to build a healthy and sustainable development of business.

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