Dry cargo train practical article low accurate drainage operation diary

how to treat the low accurate drainage, it means to get more traffic with less cost, includes not only train the most basic problems include accurate drainage, reduce the optimization problems with the PPC.

First we look at a few

UV=PV* formula, click rate, in the same show volume, want to improve our traffic must constantly improve our keyword click rate; PPC= cost / hits, the budget remains unchanged, if you want to get more traffic, it must reduce our PPC the actual fee deduction; = a bid * quality score a / his score of +0.01, in order to reduce the PPC, must improve the quality score of keywords. So through these 3 basic formulas, we can find that the click through rate and the quality score is the two key points of the operation of the train, then what is the relationship between these 2 factors?

to give you a look at my recent operation part of the train screenshot:



plans to do good or bad? How to judge? Do we need to understand the early train is the average level of their industry (click rate, PPC conversion rate), so we do the train with a reference standard, a goal is our late optimization value. Like most people do not like the blind operation, there is a problem and do not know how to solve. The following 2 screenshots are my reference to the industry data for 3 months.


by the above 3 screenshots, we found what? Is my keyword quality score is 10 points, the fee to be below the industry level, I click rate is the industry hits several times? OK, the quality score is actually across the train always, it is the most direct impact the key factor is the click rate (account weight, creative, correlation, buyers experience of these basic factors does not explain), so for small sellers, both want to get more traffic or reduce the fee, early must do a good job of quality score is good hits. So we don’t have to ask me how long quality scores do not go up, you go to understand clearly how the average level in your industry, you are standard, even if you are not up to the industry average, do you think you can do it


that how to quickly improve our quality score? Specific steps how to give you a brief introduction.

1 only add a keyword, the keyword must be accurate, and the relevance of the product you are very high, the show is under precise words relatively high hit rate (do not understand this sentence is not explained);


2 bid for the industry average bid for 30%-100%, or is 3-5 times higher than the industry average price (see the specific categories, the latter is better), discount 180%> wireless

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