Four problems to be solved urgently in the construction of B2B e commerce

      electronic commerce, is the global free trade platform, no doubt has become a major trend in the development of world business, with the e-commerce platform play in Global trade plays an increasingly important role, multilingual B2B e-commerce platform as the inevitable result of this trend came into being. Multi language can provide a language for enterprises around the world environment, site to make simple and readable effect, promote the dissemination of information exchange, arising out of such convenience and affinity to the markets organically, has a far-reaching influence on international trade.

      the highlight of the advantages of multi language is self-evident, then in the design and development of a multilingual version of the site, there are four major problems that need to be resolved.

      the first thing to consider is the habit of writing. You know, Arabic, Persian and Hebrew language writing habits from right to left, and not our habit from left to right, accordingly, if you use in the design of the site navigation structure is the navigation bar, must be placed in the right, don’t use your "thinking".

      the second is to solve technically how to realize the different language data collection and retrieval of this problem, because when the customer message and add information to the database, the website to be able to collect these information.

      again is the problem of selecting character sets. We use the simplified Chinese (GB2312) character set, and in the field of computer applications exist in dozens of different character sets, so the multi language website, it is easy to occur between by using the character set is not compatible with the situation and this is garbled, must pay attention to and solve.

      the last is the search engine optimization problem. You know not all the major search engines will support multi language web page, which is why a multi language website is not necessarily all the major search engines, so we need to be clear for different language target market and customer groups used is what search engines or portals.

      four problems above is simply a rough list of multi language website to solve the electronic commerce, foreign websites only good to overcome these obstacles, in order to make your own website can smoothly develop rapidly, play multi language website the advantages and characteristics of the one and only richly endowed by nature, and ultimately achieve their ideal the effect and goal.

attached to the B2B e-commerce website example:

      comprehensive multilingual B2B website


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