WeChat’s marketing operations from a seller’s actual notes


a correct understanding of WeChat marketing

1, WeChat is what?

WeChat is a communication tool. He is a strong link between mobile phone address book and QQ friends. There are many communication tools, such as mobile phones, QQ, etc., why WeChat has such a strong user base it?

communication has two needs, first, rigid demand, whether it is work, life, need to communicate with people, which is the same as WeChat and other communication tools. Two is the value of demand, WeChat can create invisible communication. For example, you have a lot of friends who need to keep in touch, but you can’t call them every month.

because of the call, is real-time, there is the nature of the topic, but also consider the convenience of answering the phone and other factors. WeChat has a circle of friends, friends can be real-time attention move on the inside, for example, see friends where to eat, you can send a blessing and a simple comment, this communication is done. The topic of communication is not you, but your friends, your friends received your praise or comments, you know that you pay attention to him, it will produce communication. Perhaps after a long time, and this friend met, you will not feel alienated, because you often communicate in the circle of friends. This kind of communication is valuable and can not be replaced by other communication tools. So, with WeChat, you will not lose friends!

2, WeChat marketing is what?

WeChat marketing is the use of WeChat and users to establish a connection, through constant interaction and information services to obtain brand influence and enhance the performance of marketing behavior. Traditional marketing is based on different platforms for customer marketing, the cost is very good, but also need to continue to repeat the effect. The WeChat marketing, is based on WeChat public number system, not only is the CRM system, but also a mobile service platform. So, the company used WeChat marketing, will not lose customers!

two, WeChat public number of several key aspects of the operation

1, WeChat public platform positioning

a lot of people think that WeChat public number is used to send text messages, there is no positioning, this is wrong.

first we should consider to provide services to the public, for which people, you can build a number of public services for the franchisee, can build a number of public service for the user, because the service people are different, so the public number of operational requirements, functions are not the same.

secondly, about the type of WeChat public numbers, there are service number and subscription number. We need to decide what type of public number to use according to the characteristics of the service population and the product. For example, the public number of agents, which can use the service number, so that they can help themselves through the menu to understand the needs of the content. For ordinary users, you can use the subscription number to maintain communication and guidance

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