The Ministry of Commerce in support of e commerce MRO industrial network courageously

as the most promising mode of the Internet era, e-commerce has been the focus of the industry. Right now, under the influence of the financial turmoil, how to use e-commerce to achieve a new breakthrough is the focus of public opinion.

The Ministry of Commerce Electronic Commerce


April 17th, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping in the "electronic commerce trade growth forum pointed out that electronic commerce as the information technology in the field of business application, change rapidly in recent years, e-commerce and traditional industries are changing with the depth of enterprise production and management of the organization, but also has become an important means to strengthen enterprise resources extensive integration and expand domestic and foreign markets.

the Ministry of Commerce on improving the environment for development, promote e-commerce enterprise e-commerce applications has made positive efforts in the future, the Ministry of Commerce will promote e-commerce application and innovation efforts, using information technology to stimulate trade growth, promote domestic consumption and trade growth.

In addition

, recently in the "Fourth China small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce application development conference, the National Advisory Committee for information technology, Chinese e-commerce service alliance expert Chai Yueyan also said that the current global financial crisis is likely to be Chinese leapfrog development of e-commerce and a great opportunity, is the primary entry, e-commerce development stages of the integration of electronic steering business and the depth of the real economy.

small and medium enterprises into e-commerce

according to the results of the general assembly Chai Yueyan survey, in 2008 the average input of SMEs to carry out e-commerce applications is roughly 170 thousand, an increase of 43% over the past 07 years. The use of e-commerce in small and medium enterprises using network sales accounted for about 33%, an increase of 51% over the past year, the network procurement of 28%, an increase of more than 07 years of 40%.

whether it is sales or procurement, whether it is to reduce costs or improve sales, e-commerce undoubtedly has indisputable practicality. But this was once considered to be the Arabian Nights story, now finally became the most imaginative stage.

MRO founder of industrial products network Tian said that in 2005, although more than listening to e-commerce, but always feel that it is the IT industry thing, and their own traditional industries do not take the edge, do not fly. Until one day, when a fellow at Alibaba to show off his website on several large orders, he decided to begin with consultation, and finally started the MRO Industrial Road of electronic commerce. A few years of wind and rain in the past, the company’s sales have already turned a few times, and in the monthly sales data, the amount of transactions completed by MRO industrial products network has reached nearly 60% share.

MRO industrial products homeopathy

as a pioneer in e-commerce in the MRO industry, MRO industrial products network from the beginning of 2005, it has always been focused on the MRO industry. For several years, such as the persistence of the day, the hard work, and finally make the MRO industrial products network has become the most

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