Micro business growth thinking how to play the social economy

2014 is the beginning of the reflection and reshuffle of the micro business year, in this year, WeChat to strengthen the control of the circle of friends, so that the development of micro business was once caught in a bottleneck. The emergence of the problem needs to be resolved, WeChat’s regulation is also for the growth of the micro business. Micro business how to deal with the current bottleneck, the key is to look at how to use their own advantages, play a good card.

barbaric growth of WeChat electricity supplier

coincidence, a mask detonated the rapid development of micro electricity supplier, WeChat circle of friends to give people a "sell trust" the marketing opportunities. With the users of the mobile providers of excitement and curiosity, circle of friends has become a training ground for WeChat mobile providers. Although the early micro electricity supplier direct transfer purchase transaction mode can not guarantee to consumers, rather than Alibaba and other electricity supplier platform, based on trust transactions on social groups so that consumers rely more on product quality problems.

, however, the pure businessman appeared to undermine the original charm of the micro dealer. With the help of the marketing mechanism of the development of the circle of friends are forced off the assembly line, the scraper, and micro business sales performance to attract more people to participate in, for a time, the circle of friends The atmosphere was foul., Voices of discontent.

barbaric growth is caused by the vicious spiral of overwhelming circle of friends Shuabing advertising harassment, this let some mice only reluctantly remove the friends, the people will have a great aversion to the original ecological, social advertising gradually evolved into focus, the need for timely change.

WeChat electricity supplier is facing transition

in the micro business barbaric growth at the same time, the rickshaw has encountered the bottleneck, the low efficiency of manual processing, so that the micro business even more orders can not be bigger and. In addition, the friends of mobile curiosity and excitement has faded, even numb, lead to large-scale grand forwarding has ceased to exist. At the same time, WeChat in 2014 a series of actions on the circle of friends, such as the prohibition of sensitive words, such as the impact of the set of praise, the development of micro business has had a great impact on the transformation of micro electricity supplier has arrived.

with the birth of a series of micro shop products, micro electricity supplier players began to migrate to the tool platform, so that their micro electricity supplier can be managed, organized, large-scale. This requires more perfect support for third party API, WeChat will gradually establish its own position in the mobile terminal of the electricity supplier center

at this time, the flow of micro electricity supplier began to move toward the vertical and accurate, the basic farewell barbaric growth, the need for more details in the work of goods and services. Occupation of micro business crowd began to appear large, micro business also began to appear all kinds of training, seminars, salon and other activities, began to enter an industry type direction, operation, marketing, technology and design are more occupation and specialization.

micro business how to transition?

faced with many difficulties and struggling micro business should be how to develop? I think it should be the first to use it is also the most powerful selling point: emotional card. < >

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