Taobao standard four categories under the level of service life

December 11th news, Taobao announced the new Taobao life service market management rules, and publicity related to the adjustment of the standard point. The rules will take effect on December 16th.

rules change, life service market will set a level four categories, respectively is the service market, decoration design / construction / supervision, localization of life services and online service / software / network. The Seller shall have the right to choose one or more categories of business. The new rules also clear living services market access standards, the seller standard and exit in standard reentry return.

in addition, contents related to the original "Taobao communications market management norms" and the implementation of shop / network service / software under rules two categories / card recharge platform software into the rules, relevant content of the original "Taobao communications market management norms" and the detailed rules for the implementation of synchronization delete.

learned billion state power network, life services market is a localization service platform of life with the life of the In the days before Taobao’s mobile strategy conference, Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng made it clear that the future of Taobao is not the traditional sense of the shopping platform, but the largest life service entrance.

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