Angel City sales fell Liebo multi brand strategy difficult


] March 28th news billion state power network, industry sources, Liebo acquisition of the city of angels, angels of city sales fell sharply in 2013 year-on-year sales in 2012 fell by nearly 40%, the acquirer is Liebo said of an aged person, badly hurt.

data cube display, the city of angels in 2013 total sales of Taobao and Tmall platform is about 151 million.

According to

billion state power network to understand the city of angels, 2012 turnover in the Tmall platform 60 million. Since the C store did not add to the city of Taobao in the angel of the city brand, angel city C store sales in 2012 can not be seen through the relevant tools. After the acquisition of Liebo city of angels, the media to disclose their C store sales for the 170 million. So calculated, in 2012 the total sales of Tmall flagship store and Taobao C store was 230 million, higher than in 2013, up to 80 million.

only two platforms Tmall and Taobao

"Liebo takeover of the city of angels, do the most ridiculous strategy is the city of angels C store a lot of original client into the Tmall store and Liebo, only in the home decoration," the painted "are all jump into Tmall. This is not a reasonable idea of operating sub brands." Insiders believe that, in the absence of sufficient resources to support the case, the city of Angel brand value has been taking out a Liebo, originally developed a good three crown lost its original vitality and color, almost shutting down.

are too eager to let the city of angels from the C into the Tmall deal, is revealed to be included in the performance of the company to Liebo sprint listing ambitions.

on the other hand, Liebo in the acquisition of the city of angels, which holds more than ten million of inventory, it adversely affected by aircraft. From the beginning of the second half of 2013, the city of angels became powerless in the new development, until the beginning of 2014, still in the sale of nearly three or four years of inventory.

actually, Liebo in early 2013 acquisition of the city of angels, has been controversial. The city of angels as the acquisition of the brand, in the genes and Liebo occupy a certain gap. According to industry sources, from the business philosophy, the team formed to design and production, the city of angels have undergone tremendous changes. There are users: "no small A (Angel City Founder) of the city of angels lost soul."

spent $80 million acquisition of online brand Liebo in the city of angels, single and small A two founders while holding 20% of the shares of the founding, but gradually fade out the management, the entire team was forced to move to Beijing and Liebo integration team. In this process, but also broke the banner of staff pulled out protests and other events.

for these problems, then Liebo founder Tom gale showed not to regard it as right from first to last. In addition to properly handle the angel city employees, with single active communication.

but open-minded attitude and can not hide Liebo >

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