Transformation of traditional enterprise e commerce should not blindly step by step

e-commerce boom infected a lot of people, into the electricity supplier to share this delicious cake is also a lot of companies, including individuals are dreaming of things. But before preparing to enter into the industry, enterprises or individuals looking for access to export is very important, do not blindly.

understand the current situation of online shopping, mainly for enterprises to enter the e-commerce, published my proposal.

data show: more than 20% of the population in our country are in the Internet, in such a huge Internet users, more than 20% people will choose online shopping online shopping, 80% of consumers will choose to go to Taobao shopping, 82 principles which is a lot of people are familiar with. But the B2C market is still relatively small, only 1/1000 of the electricity supplier practitioners choose it.

in general, companies want to enter the electricity supplier, should choose to enter Taobao. Second, ah, ah, ah, ah, and finally to the mall to build an independent website transfer.

why do you say that?

1, the current site conversion rate of only 3/1000, the promotion of ROI lower than traditional enterprises, the proportion of 1:0.3.

2, the number of sites too much, the cost is high, the cost of an hour to reach 100.

3, by registered users to make money, this approach has not adapted to the point on the market.

for example: the success of BELLE electricity supplier channels.


through the following chart, we can find that: BELLE’s industry almost throughout the whole of China, its success is precisely the overthrow of the above three errors. But the core of the network marketing. As far as I know, in the transformation process of e-commerce to BELLE, can be summed up in three stages:

1, in the name of the enterprise on the Taobao shop

2, open their own mall

3, do a good job in marketing, to other channels to expand

example confirmed that the transformation of the enterprise to the electricity supplier also requires more than three recommendations BELLE. The best first entered Taobao, to open their own mall, step by step to offline channels smooth, for the enterprise, fully prepare for the electricity supplier.

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