Talking about those things about grassroots entrepreneurs

China the Internet industry in the grassroots entrepreneurs is beyond count, roughly divided into webmaster, mobile application developers and game developers, including the author’s vast Internet ocean in a small grassroots entrepreneurs. At present, to achieve profitability is not much, can continue to adhere to the Internet industry is successful. Here, the same as the grassroots entrepreneurs, simple talk about a little bit about the grassroots entrepreneurs of those things, maybe not the place, but it is the author’s personal experience and understanding, hope that we can help.

down to earth: don’t put hope on angels and venture capital

maybe we can often see some news media in which entrepreneurs get angel investment, which companies got how many million of investment risk, which is enough to let us be envious, perhaps a part of owners and developers also with the author, fantasy one day to get a big investment, save us several years of struggle, let us have enough money to complete the blueprint of our hearts. Yes, such things happen in some people, but for the most part, as the roots of entrepreneurs, can we really get angel investors so easy? What do we have to let others favor

capital?In fact,

investors in most cases of our industry is not too familiar with their favorite is that we can bring much revenue for them, even if we got the investment is likely to have additional conditions such as the use of a lot of intervention and capital problems in decision-making, and as entrepreneurs have you thought you need to first, divide the shares to investors, but in the future if companies encounter difficulties, they will probably continue to increase investment, and even direct cash to leave. Therefore, we must first determine the point of accepting the investment will encounter some trouble, especially for grassroots entrepreneurs, in case of a dispute, we will be in most cases will be helpless and powerless.

as the grassroots entrepreneurs we have to do is to start from scratch to the webmaster, whether the site can bring much traffic, how much income, are the outcome of their own labor, all belong to us, at least we spend the money earned by themselves will become more practical. Although this road is very hard, perhaps you will feel lonely, but as long as you stick to it, one day will be successful. Every day you send each chain, all carefully updated content, has been pushing forward the site, although the effect is small, but the day in and day out, your efforts will bear fruit, one day you will be rewarded. We are all grassroots entrepreneurs, we did not have much help from the outside world, we have to rely on our own, so we do not waste time, do not do things, do not imagine the investment will favor us.

: stick to the rule of 28, very careful in reckoning the accumulation of savings in the future may be able to use

as grassroots entrepreneurs, potential single force thin became our standard

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