Venture star interview 1 unrelated to the gun unfamiliar street temporarily consider O2O

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, the Organizing Committee of the general assembly ( combined with network, TechWeb, spray technology media A5 station network and other media jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.


COO Wang Li Unfamiliar Street (TechWeb pictures)

TechWeb March 11th Qi Yanan (special) ning Meng joint report


for the 2013 street street in the commercial considerations, unfamiliar street COO Wang said in an interview, 2013 will indeed consider some commercial content, but the commercialization is not unfamiliar street priority direction, will not consider the form of O2O.

last year, unfamiliar street has launched 2 and version 3, unfamiliar street, an increase of the group based on the geographical features of the group, unfamiliar street, a further increase in the site of the message function of 3. Unfamiliar street this mobile APP products have gradually shifted from a mobile dating applications location-based community".

Wang Li said, unfamiliar street version and function change are LBS around this core to do, do 1 unfamiliar street nearby, 2 nearby groups, the 3 is near the information, first, then the next is the polymerization, polymerization to send out information the rhythm is completely, starting from the needs of users, and not in order to get rid of the so-called "about gun label.

in addition to commercial form, unfamiliar street Wang Li said 2013 will indeed consider some unfamiliar street commercial content, will do some attempt, but business is not important, do not consider the form of O2O. Unfamiliar street is the focus of the product itself, so that unfamiliar street continue to meet the needs of users, to solve the problem of users, become a viable product, rather than a short-lived APP.

in addition, Wang Li stressed that the position attributes of product form, natural Unfamiliar Street itself resulting in the commercialization of a lot of imagination, but the premise is commercial but influence user experience, commercial introduction together with the needs of users, but not to do information push.

following questions and answers record:

asked: Unfamiliar Street in the 2 version of the introduction of a group based on geographic features, and the launch of the site when the 3 version of the message function, which the product shape to the location based community". What is the reason for the decision to get rid of the "gun" label?

unfamiliar street COO Wang Li: Unfamiliar Street product line is like this: 1 we do the people around, 2 we do a nearby group, the 3 is near the information, all >

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