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online travel is a hot direction of venture capital in recent years, but affected by two aspects. First, the development trend of tourism industry. Relatively rich people, began to be willing to spend money on tourism, there are trillions of output value. The proportion of domestic travel services through the Internet is far lower than the level of developed countries, online travel itself has hundreds of billions of market size, the annual growth rate of over 60%. Second, the impact of the mobile Internet, mobile applications emphasize its outdoor properties, just to be able to better cut tourism activities.

I have been doing some time travel products. Recently more casual, just go out with a friend to travel a trip back, came to pull their own views on online travel products.


online travel industry chain analysis

travel itinerary autonomy, can be divided into groups and self-help travel. Of course, in recent years also appeared in a similar semi autonomous, the travel agency is only responsible for air tickets and hotel, travel schedule their own arrangements, this kind of relatively small, just can be placed in the travel column. Group tour is a tourist agency to manage everything, naturally no online travel products. Online travel products for the competition, that is, self-help travel users.

Based on the

process of tourism activities, can be divided into three stages, before the line after the line. The main line is the itinerary, travel booking service, especially the ticket hotel; line is the tourism activity itself, the whole travel process of the user; the user after friends and to share travel experiences and spread their stories, photos and so on.

which can make money, is naturally accounted for the bulk of the air tickets, hotel reservations. This part of the book, in the "line" part of tourism.

so up online travel giant, Ctrip, eLong such travel booking site, referred to as OTA-Online Travel Agent. OTA is a big head or business travel users. But this part of the user’s business value is not the same, belonging to another category, it is not discussed carefully.

OTA in addition to booking air tickets, hotels, travel routes and services and traditional travel agencies with the set of services including ticket + Hotel + travel arrangements, in the tourism industry also known as tourism products, or selling line. In order not to confuse the Internet products that we are talking about, I would like to call this type of tourism services.


of the way cattle, donkey mother, is to this mode of online sales, tourism services (or can be called the tourism business). This market is the main line of resources and services, mainly electricity supplier model competition.

OTA and the tourism business of this one, is now a fierce competition in the market, and even the same, began to burn to grab the market.

if you go to the subdivision area, do something special

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