Baidu theme promotion official began to support JS call


dear affiliate,

          glad to inform you that the Baidu theme promotion product code has been fully upgraded, after the upgrade of the code in the style, function and effect are improved and simplified to get the code to set the parameters of the process, please obtain a new membership code as soon as possible and put on the web page on.


The advantages of the new


l          more styles, more effect selection

    new style allows you to customize the content is rosy promotion "and" good location ", while increasing the" Baidu theme promotion "effect" and "mouse rolling amplification effect", and support the JS file directly call (call detail please see note below), enhance the practical of.


l          multi class and multi effect

    this update has introduced three categories of topic description, topic title and topic link.

each theme category will support a variety of effects, while in each type you choose each kind of size, Baidu will give you recommend the best combination of results, to ensure that your site to maximize revenue.


l          without custom, automatically recommend the best template

    if you do not know which to choose the effect of the launch, it does not matter, as long as you choose the size you want to recommend the effect to help you busy.


l          "latest effect" template allows you to always lead

    Baidu launched the "new template effect", if you stand inside the Department in your "new" template, you will have the opportunity to try Baidu launched a variety of new theme promotion effect in the first time.



direct call JS file flow:

first step: the establishment of baiducpro.js file, as follows:

BaiduCpro = {

        CproStr; " < SCRIPT language>

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