Rookie Amoy net a letter to guest webmaster


is a trickle into a river. Meet with your Internet Amoy, assistance with your participation, today, she once again become the focus of attention! Tao356 ( Internet Amoy Amoy! Is a kind of mood! Amoy is a kind of fashion! Amoy is a kind of fun!), a service station network for tens of thousands of users, are obtained love and support more and more friends


can provide convenient is our biggest wish for you! Believe in the future, there will be more fans to join our team to help us continue to improve, to create the Internet for the first practical China Amoy green brand shopping guide



this figure is only for everyone to refer to.

Taobao guest, for 2010 is not strange, since Taobao’s revenue, it opened a precedent for online shopping, the emergence of a lot of B2B, B2C Internet site. In order to keep the market share of, immediately launched the Amoy system, Ali mother alliance. Many webmaster at webmaster some day to earn tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of earn, heart! But some people will ask, what station money? Oh, I can clearly tell you, do not make money, make money! Why? Some people earn a lot, some people do not earn! It depends on how you go to work, because a lot of people see the guest can bring benefits, blindly join, also caused the Internet now have a lot of garbage in the guest site. With the emergence of an independent station and free guest template, so what would the emergence of a lot of the guest site, resulting in Amoy several times.

guest doubled to the final result is to produce a lot of garbage sites, then the search engine K station, some do not understand SEO and website webmaster appeared, they hold good reasons to make money, a lot of investment guest station, may end up and cast to waste! Recently, Ali found some problems mother alliance.

1, single out, recently there are always webmaster complain that their guest site lost, buy yourself something that is not included in the commission.

2, Ali mother no single system, but there is a weight of PID, the problem is caused by the guest lost.

3, bleak May, a lot of revenue decline. This is why? The reason is very simple, the emergence of a large number of Amoy owners, the search engine of the flood, some guest dinner on search engines are miserable! And Baidu recently updated, prompted many site is K. Resulting in the guest revenues, owners lose confidence.

Tao, you want to do


Tao is both simple and complex, see how you do it, you have no patience. Amoy station >

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