FiveStars Entrepreneurship three years to create a business platform for the management of 4 million

a lot of big companies have the kind of customer loyalty management plan, and for those who run the store? Basically no such thing

This is the idea behind

FiveStars, a Silicon Valley start-up company, they use specialized analysis software and large data for those small businesses can improve customer loyalty program, FiveStars founder Victor Ho told us his idea.

"if you cross the street, came to the local coffee shop, ask them," Hi, how many customers do you have? Each customer average spend much money? "They won’t tell you," Ho explains. "Basically a blank look. FiveStars was created to solve this problem."

, the three year old company, provides software that allows customers to register as members when they pay. After becoming a member, immediately discounted or ex gratia, and FiveStarts will automatically track and provide users with a recall service and recommendations. Businesses need only help customers to enter information, a discount, FiveStarts will take the rest of the things are arranged.

"Fortune 500" companies spend tens of billions of dollars each year to improve user turnover, Ho said. Small and medium enterprises in this is simply blank, we want to popularize this technology, and even make some technical innovation.

now has more than 5 thousand merchants and 4 million users to join the FiveStars system.

"if you know a little more about it, then I’m going to tell you that every business has 850 members." Ho simple calculations, this figure is very important to us, because it allows those businesses to judge the value of our system."


FiveStars system costs $2500 a year. In return, FiveStars will begin to operate the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to help businesses pull back from the moment customers become their members or spend their cards.

"we can put the business of all the customers into the CRM system," Ho explained, "our service basically is to collect all the information for businesses to provide price returns for customers who join the system, such as points or other material rewards."

"with those tens of thousands of customer information, we can automatically put them into various types," Ho said, "then when merchants visit our system, you can see all kinds of filtered information on the home page, such as what the customer came many times, which has no risk to the customer, who VIP, who is basically no longer — you want what we will be able to provide what information. Just click on the button

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