Beauty open shop to make money his own model when the sample clothes to save money

open a shop girl after graduation record busy day

after graduation, in the face of the problem of employment, 21 year old should be determined to go online to shop. Family and friends can feel that this is a ‘dream’, or do other work well, both visible and tangible. But she felt that young people should use the latest network to break through. Should be said that this is not self willed, it should be "there is a dream who are amazing, there will be courage – Miracle"

            small should open shop, from her frequent contact with the shop. Her beauty, love to follow the trend, in someone else’s demonstration, she fell in love with online shopping, go online to buy clothes, buy her love dress! Gradually, "why should the small feel myself not to open a shop to exercise their own, learn to survive?." So she jumped into the net".


beauty is the nature of a girl, always want to dress up before the amoy.

things are not so simple to imagine, due to lack of experience, the first small shop should end in a loss. At that time, she was really frustrated, but also doubt that he is really too naive……" She was so desperate that she couldn’t lift her head in front of everyone. But fortunately, Dad’s support, so I think it should not give up. Give up, is really too naive, too squeamish! "


in this way, her second shop started again. Small should sum up the lessons of the past, think "procurement is very important, not only by their own preferences purchase, but to use their own eyes to find beauty, we found that meet the taste of beauty, with fashion goods to attract more customers! So, her petite, often around the clothing the market, for she felt the taste of goods with online shopping.

should carry a few small bags in the crowd shuttle, continue to look for their own clothes.

, there are samples of the shop image, not only to be true, but also must be beautiful. She felt that this investment can not be less. Now, her friends are like clothing photography studio to shoot, please just model the cost is too high, you get on, let yourself as a part-time model.

network transactions not only to update the goods in a timely manner, but also patiently answer questions from the guests.

an online alliance of my friends, a year already has hundreds of thousands of yuan of profit! "The small shop, should be in high spirits," although I started, but will realize your dream, do a beautiful female boss! "

Amoy goods is physical activity, but also the test of their own taste.


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