Domestic SNS site over 200 difficult to break a large number of loss of shackles

Zhu Weilian 10 years ago, under the banyan tree, gathered a group of the country’s first original literary elite, and in the next 10 years, Zhu Weilian hopes to gather more people with the same spirit.

only this time, he hopes to be in the MyTupa (graph flower).

, founded by his main investment SNS (Social Network Service) MyTupa website officially launched, however, and before the business is different, this time he faced the situation much more severe.

domestic dating market chaos

what is SNS? The core idea is American psychology professor Stanley · milgor lamb’s "six degree relation theory", namely in the interpersonal context, to meet a strange friend, it through as much as six friends will be able to achieve the purpose. In foreign countries, including the famous SNS Myspace, Facebook, etc., which Myspace will enter the Chinese market this year.

in the domestic market, all kinds of SNS sites have been up to about 200, Zhu Weilian told reporters, not only the scale is generally small, but also more confusion."

actually, SNS site is divided into the pan and practical Dating Dating two, including a former community website and blog website, the latter more reflected in business applications, or has a clear purpose, such as dating sites etc.. And no matter what kind, in order to attract traffic, these sites are currently propaganda points are focused on heterosexual friends, dating or even a one night stand. "How does the dirty and dirty deal with competitors MyTupa is one of the problems under consideration." Zhu Weilian said seriously.

, he said, MyTupa will be vulgar picture video out, because these SNS site can not produce any meaning.

dating sites massive starvation

Although there are a lot of SNS

site, but almost no income, which also led to some of the site began to die.

UUZONE, which is said to have a yoyo zone, raise $1 million of the SNS website, recently due to "not equipped with network security officer can contact at any time and off. This is not the first Web2.0 site or SNS site to be shut down, and their demise may not be due to a lack of good ideas.

and some did not melt into the capital of the SNS site to live even more difficult, especially the content of the homogenization of their death is accelerated.

Zhu Weilian has been thinking about this question, he said that despite the MyTuPa monthly burn number will be controlled at around 100 thousand yuan, but the lack of any business model, it is difficult to stand the test of time. With many years of entrepreneurial experience, he has thought of a good idea to make the site profitable.

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