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editor’s note: in 2016, Chinese Internet and venture capital industry experienced the so-called winter capital, a large number of entrepreneurial companies facing bankruptcy dilemma, investors have become cautious, and mobile broadcast was one of a few popular areas is still sought after.

to some extent, broadcast industry almost copy in group purchase and O2O of the event, hundreds of thousands of companies into the market in a short period of time, BAT, millet, 360, LETV and other big companies also have to follow suit.

has experienced a year of madness, as the user growth dividend exhausted, more difficult in the second half has just begun, especially for startups, has not set up their own ecological and barriers to competition, facing the giants of siege, cost and operating pressure, customers, jurisprudence and other multiple risks. According to the Tencent of science and technology understanding, the second half of the year, there have been many domestic broadcast platform suffered a crisis of survival,

change the key nodes in the industry, science and technology Tencent launched mobile broadcast a series of reports, reducing the depth of the past year broadcast industry rise process, pattern change, bubble, transformation and way, provide the analysis and thinking of value for practitioners.

text / deep network reporting group Li Ruchao Kang Xiao

over the past year, hundreds of millions of ordinary Chinese people’s lives were stirred into mobile video broadcast. The live feast of the participants, both stars, red net model, there are around us ordinary white-collar workers, both national husband Wang Sicong and of every hue entrepreneurs, some Tencent, 360, unfamiliar street, Taobao, Iqiyi, YY, Youku and other traditional big companies; and ultimately support the hot market that is the sheer size of the China intelligent mobile phone users.

live is already more than year town youth time plaything, mobile Internet to broadcast content development to a new height, involved in the game, entertainment, work, education and many other segments, more and more people’s way of life survival began closely related.

, like text images, is an important medium of communication. But in the past, PC side of the media, and did not help it become the same as the use of text images of high frequency products, until the popularity of smart phones and mobile broadcast platform.

From the

model, now mobile broadcast industry, including fashion, games and entertainment pan class three. Show mode mainly in the traditional YY, 9158, six rooms for the games, including the representative; Betta panda TV, tiger live, banners, Longzhu; pan entertainment class includes hundreds of passengers, a mobile phone mapping broadcast, broadcast, broadcast and other penguins live on the APP ME market.

review of the rise of mobile broadcast live history, today’s prosperity, and the last show, the game live and lay a foundation of the age is also inseparable. But all the way up the accumulation of problems, but also continue to today. Direct broadcast industry is still far from true maturity.

has gone through a year of madness, and the user’s growth has been depleted

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