Zhou Hongyi propaganda hardware Entrepreneurs forget the valuation not instant success

In July 16th

sponsored the "2016 geeks Park singularities · innovators summit, 360 company chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi share Pathfinder intelligent hardware business several years of experience, to share, Zhou Hongyi said, although there is no intelligent hardware to the breaking point, but in the right way. At the same time, Zhou Hongyi suggested to do intelligent hardware hit off: "forget the hustle and bustle of the capital, don’t be too utilitarian".


360 chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi

intelligent hardware development is in its infancy

for intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, 2014 is called intelligent hardware but the outbreak of the first year of 2015 to the present, intelligent hardware has experienced very tortuous year, Zhou Hongyi said in the share, the last one or two years, there are many intelligent hardware startups do not particularly good, also encountered many difficulties, therefore there are a lot of people, bad mouthing IOT, things of Internet and intelligent hardware.

but Zhou Hongyi believes that in some of the hottest things, to maintain a cautious, to maintain a calm. But when everyone is singing, you can think about it in turn.

said Zhou Hongyi for example, before the birth of iPhone, in fact, there are already many companies doing intelligent mobile phone, the development of intelligent mobile phone actually experienced almost 20 years of development, which is the most intelligent mobile phone fire during the last five years. For IOT, intelligent hardware, the last three or four years is just the beginning, Zhou Hongyi believes that although the smart hardware has not yet to the outbreak, but still on the right road.

intelligent hardware Entrepreneurs: forget the hustle and bustle of the capital, don’t be too utilitarian and

in fact, in 2014, behind the hot situation of intelligent hardware startups, the pursuit of capital is one of the major incentives, and now the intelligent hardware market, is tending to normalization.

Zhou Hongyi mentioned in the sharing, the concept of "unicorn" in China is overused, initially a unicorn concept is because companies do not like something special especially cool won the high valuation, but later valuation makes a lot of people are no longer interested in startups do anything, only care about valuation.

so many companies are beginning to pursue high valuations, become the pursuit of "unicorn", therefore, Zhou Hongyi put forward the suggestions for intelligent hardware Entrepreneurs: "if you choose a way for tomorrow, you will certainly not today the most manic air, this road will take time, need to endure loneliness. It is not important to be seen as a unicorn." At the same time, Zhou Hongyi also suggested that entrepreneurs should "forget the hustle and bustle of the capital, don’t be too utilitarian".

Zhou Hongyi believes that as long as enough time, the combination of intelligent hardware and the Internet in the future, may not be what we envision today these models.

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