ndividual Shanghai Dragon diligence and careful to create cheats share ranking

in Shanghai Longfeng in recent years, the industry from ignorant to understand, website optimization promotion in all walks of life, although not made much progress, but the site keywords or can almost see the effect you want, believe this is one of the most satisfying thing, just start from the most basic, only know how to send the chain Links exchange, etc., to optimize the customer individual enterprise station, to the optimization of the portal site, can be said that each stage is to pay a lot of sweat, learn something that is very much, the accumulation of experience to make their own leap in this area.

is a diligent: whether the content or the chain, takes a lot of time, a lot of energy to deal with, there are now many owners do not understand for the chain? It is correlation and high weight, subdivided points can be divided into the chain, for a blog forum outside the chain, soft outside chain extension, classification directory creation, bookmark quiz, as long as enough diligence, believe that you haven’t finished the chain resources, outside the chain of course is very tired, but also easy to be removed, no way for web site keywords ranking, can only pay more, be diligent.

is also the main content update, many webmaster summarize the content of high quality and high quality of the chain = ranking, although there are many factors that affect the ranking, but these two aspects is the search engine key absolutely consider, in addition to the chain need to work to send, also a kind of original content, need to have a strong the executive power to do, how to let oneself one day to write two articles with the website related articles, this also depends on yourself to the.

Now a lot of

group or forum, can often see people questioning Shanghai dragon cheats, or what method can directly and quickly the keywords ranking do go up, even a lot of people think that the quality of A5 is not too high, the articles are some superficial knowledge, but beyond that, no point, not even the the detailed process that actually A5 articles are of high quality articles, are personal hand out of the original, although some writing is not very good, but the writing experience of their own, so the practice summed up the article, more convincing.

two is a careful: attracting network think, many owners think it Shanghai Longfeng do good, really is so many websites, but most of the web site or a deliberate layout promotion to get today’s achievements, make a station need to carefully place of course very much, such as template.

is the inside of the articles is to give owners Shanghai Longfeng ideas, the different methods of operation, and even a lot of friends will be happy to make their own optimization steps is to share it, you better learn more Shanghai Longfeng, or through their own practice, in order to know the mystery, only know the truth, Shanghai Longfeng method does not practice will soon be eliminated, because the search engine algorithm change all the time, we should also follow the footsteps of. Personally think that the Shanghai dragon cheats only two:

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