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is actually a lot of awesome website has been used or very close to the golden ratio, the general users do not realize that the designer layout connotation, verification is very simple: the site is divided into left and right structure, small parts with large proportion of close to 0.618 indicate that it should be used. Of course, not to say that only this layout is perfect, but when you don’t have good ideas for the site layout, the golden section is the safest option


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the earliest that golden ratio should be in the junior middle school mathematics textbooks, then learn to understand plant, architecture, animal figures, painting, photography, etc. have used the golden ratio. When reached (V 5-1) /2 = 0.618 the proportion of time, many things will become better, the beauty of art is born! If Shanghai Longfeng have golden ratio, will cause the search engine optimization industry disruptive change

in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization for a year and a half, more than once asked how to do Shanghai Longfeng perfect? How to make Shanghai dragon and page layout design perfectly? How to do the integration of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and user experience design perfect? I also from the deep analysis of "Shanghai dragon thinking: riding a boat behind" determined ", and CHAMC, Shanghai dragon" never stop learning. Then there is the beginning of this hypothesis, we imagine that if Shanghai Longfeng golden ratio is true, then the site optimization personnel how to do? And Shanghai Longfeng following three proposals:

explanation: the golden section also known as the golden rule, refers to things between the parts of a mathematical proportion is larger and smaller overall One divides into two., part of the whole and the part with the ratio is equal to the ratio of the ratio is 1: 0.618 or 1.618: 1, which is 0.618 of the whole length. The 0.618 is recognized as the most aesthetic figure. The proportion is the most able to arouse people’s aesthetic proportion, and is therefore called the golden section.

Shanghai dragon consultants do not understand the design, but love the beauty of the design. When you see to enjoy some excellent site as a work of art. Shanghai dragon consultants think has a great relationship with the golden ratio of popular beauty Venus, of course, Monalisa’s face, the sun god statue of Appollo have used the golden ratio layout. We all love beauty, because can bring purification


the need to consider the fine. Keywords (such as the core keywords and long tail word) layout and distribution, and the ratio of the original content reproduced. Shanghai dragon blog in "how to do" on the original article plagiarism mentioned there is a certain relationship between the original article and the article reproduced the proportion and the size of the site, if you follow the golden ratio will be more harmonious? In addition to the key distribution problem, and the core of the long tail word word should be "

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