Over the past eight months the site optimization failure experience

eight months ago, I what all can’t, accidentally entered a Shanghai dragon service company internship, holding one thousand dollars a month called internship wage subsidies, for four months, the result was also dragged on for a month’s wages, the boss refused to give, this is also the reason finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled! Choose to leave the company, mainly because I felt no future, no future again like that, even, is important because no money to eat to become the legend of the hungry ghost didn’t die, eyes closed, another point is to feel a little strength, through my efforts many words are arranged to love Shanghai and Google the first page of the position, so I could not resist the impulse, decided to get rid of the company began to rash and too much in haste back to Beijing, secretly teeth, must be in Shanghai dragon industry to blaze a new trail.

went through this thing I have learned, I was extremely clever IQ saved me I > extremely clever.

is of course to interview Shanghai dragon Er, the company at the time of the interviewer directly out of a rotten dregs of the site for 5 years did not go off one of the words, I looked at my home title, like seven keywords Sanlitun dung hill, also a few months before the snapshot, with people outside the chain of spurting, love is all that the Shanghai advertising according to come over, the number is more than 50000, not what the difference with the garbage, so I determined to put forward to change the title, and the article, strengthen the construction of the chain of diversity, the results do not know why, some perfunctory words will I go


thought I was a famous Shanghai dragon Er workers, but after several interviews, my heart burning heat and passion by the interviewer with buckets of cold water poured out, fortunately my mind there is a small fire extinguishing seedlings has been struggling in the and not on the brink of destruction, finally still insist on down, in fact I insisted on, later in the interview, a Shanghai dragon er an enterprise called me to him to do outside the chain of the Commissioner’s job, and has repeatedly claimed that, as long as I want to learn, I can learn my he any want to learn Shanghai dragon and network marketing knowledge, then my heart will burn small flames of a Flaming Mountains, the whole people like playing chicken with the same ten kilograms, smiling teeth scattered on the ground, after the work that is quite Put it, every day the hair of the chain, you have put yourself into the whole robot! As for the internal structure of what website how to layout and network marketing. The " a man of "I did not mention. Every good not to find a problem to ask me that "somebody", he would hit me, say what you will do this, what Shanghai dragon? How long, are not so simple! So I over and over again to endure, always the other day I could decisively leave. Of course, there is absolutely no complain that the two companies mean, just feel so long just learned a few things, it is unworthy of your own soul! Unworthy of your youth!

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