Rational treatment of love Shanghai changes every time algorithm

site can meet the needs of users.

Don’t Take

is the same to the search engine, but their thinking will be more careful, not too casual, there are also some commercial factors in it. Like Shanghai will give competitors website down right, noble baby will celebrate a memorial day will suddenly increase included. But this is only the case.

Rich The

Lou loose blog, I will Gesanchaiwu to modify a blog, you see what is not changed, but more time will be based on feedback from users to adjust, such as a few days ago, some people say that your blog title list is too rough looking tired, the second day I have changed the font in fact, as a webmaster you also.

how to deal with every change of

love Shanghai combat sites outside a principle: the fight against low quality sites, provide better information for users, although one may often hurt innocent sites.


has a certain originality or unique value.

love Shanghai hope included this website:


webmaster, love Shanghai, Google changes every time algorithm, the exact terms of their website ranking, should be included in the search engine, will affect the owners of the nerves. There are many people to discuss these issues in the QQ group, the forum. Many webmaster every day to see the site of Shanghai Longfeng data, such as the amount collected, keywords ranking and so on, because of its direct response the weight of you, even the traffic situation. Flow have income, until today, this is the truth".


know why love Shanghai algorithm will change frequently, so the method is solved with. There is a saying that the "status quo", to the normal station, Shanghai is one of love changes may lead to a few key words your site down, but there must be other keywords to rise, after a few months, will form a repeated floating state. The garbage station, it should be prepared before the webmaster station. Now I prepared part of love Shanghai search engine optimization guide, we hope to be useful.

Why change

website information, web page text can clearly and accurately express to convey the contents.

long ago, I would like to open a special column, every change record search engine, for Adsense reference. In the experiment several times: love Shanghai, Google almost every change in the algorithm, the site is nothing more than a snapshot of a file, SITE home and so on, and you can use the basic content of the record "identical" to replace, so give up. The final conclusion, although the discussion not result but this kind of problem for discussion, not suitable for release in the form.

do not create content for search engine.

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