Yi use love to do network promotion experience to share the experience of Shanghai


two, love the experience of Shanghai audit difficulty is not great, so long as we do experience and site has correlation, is given by the. Here, we may not know how to obtain the chain, Shanghai and Shanghai love love experience similar to Wikipedia, there is a reference section, our main chain also placed here, we released before the experience in, we need to put these content uploaded to their website or blog, then copy the link to reference at.

love Shanghai experience outside the chain:

please indicate the source!

love the experience of Shanghai has already launched, had heard many webmaster mentioned. Love is not only a new experience in Shanghai, outside the chain, and the weights are not inferior to Shanghai know love. The Shanghai dragon, want to do website ranking will need stability of high quality the chain, and this is from the start of Shanghai’s own love. Love is not like the audit experience in Shanghai now love Shanghai know as strictly, thus unable to send in Shanghai love other products chain can try to love the experience of Shanghai.

2. do not send advertising information;

3. experience clear picture is conducive to improve the examination pass rate.

three, after the end of editorial content will have a lot of experience, don’t think it necessary to write, a lot has been said in the content, think so often is wrong, because the user may not be so serious in your experience, look at the time often didn’t notice the details, and this also leads to the experience can not solve the problem, so the attention in the webmaster must take the most important step in the write up method.

The steps and methods of The original Note

by life like this! The original link: 贵族宝贝kl6d.cn/article-58-1.html

, a Shanghai love experience named Si Yi is your content must be real experience skills to share, and it is feasible, others as you step can operate their own. The experience should be in accordance with the love experience of Shanghai format, such as "how to do, how to do, how…", if it is around this format is to do the most refined goals target words. In the tools / materials we should write some all needed items, of course, if it is a tutorial, there is no need to write what. In the procedure / method, we should write as much detail as possible, the best is illustrated, preferably in the introduction, this can also add pictures in our website on LOGO.

1. must be experience articles;

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