YouDay announcement on compensation for platform failures in October 23rd Old godmother sold about 4

Allen Lin explained: "not to want to start, on the market, but the first re-election sauce; hot sauce, we choose entrepreneurship."

Allen Lin said that his early years in Guangzhou or poor, often follow others rubbing, eating, rubbing, drink, the old man to see his poor, do not pay money to buy food, he preach a fried sauce. Stir fry the lobster, chili, onion and garlic

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      the value of compensation formula:
      pm0:00-pm9:00 normal 1 days accounted for about 18% of the total
      considering the platform failure is 22 days at 23:24 so as to compensate for the

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cut into food a lot of ways, entrepreneurship is out of business considerations, rational judgment on the market, why choose to make a bottle of chili sauce?

but he almost never left the public eye, and more influenced by the cooking and gourmet image of the cooks.

contemporary painter Ceng Fanzhi earlier in order to drink a pot of soup Allen Lin, take the initiative to send him a picture, now the Vatican’s paintings can be photographed to 70 million Hong Kong dollars. Because a good cook, Allen Lin around a lot of artists, business bigwigs.

and chili sauce "

just returned to Beijing from the field, Allen Lin looked tired. Now as the entrepreneurs interviewed him before the start has been on the phone to talk about financing, during an interview with the mobile phone screen has been flashing, his colleagues said, a meal Ye "big" cooperation, Allen Lin has at least forty or fifty WeChat group.

singer who can’t cook is not a good entrepreneur,

      the youDay webmaster will get the Commission in October 22nd 25% of the total amount as compensation.

      October 22nd 23:24 youDay alliance due to server failure, leading to the platform instruction distribution problems, submit the amount of each partner can not judge. 23 days 8:40 failure were excluded, submit, registrations were normal.

      considering the failure of the majority of owners losses, youDay will pay for your October 22nd Promotion Commission of 25% of the total compensation, thank you for your understanding and support for youday.

asked him whether over the air, the upright boy actually answered, also very frankly admitted: "in fact already been."


01 salvation

      the compensation commission in October 24th and will be issued.

actually, I was afraid to hear the feelings, the doomed answers, but Allen Lin told me his three story.

friends ceyuan capital founding partner Feng Bo, Allen Lin often go to the dinner, suddenly said: "once you cook so delicious, or do things related to food was too wasted!" Allen Lin recalled: "after a few days, he suddenly scored five hundred thousand dollars to my account. After several days of thinking, I finally decided to start my own business."

from 2006 onwards, presided over the CCTV diet every day, Allen Lin recorded more than 1000 episodes of television programs, wrote two gourmet books, but also with Unilever cooperation to do the "deep soup Bao" this FMCG products. Now, Allen Lin also collaborated with Youku on a food program called "food creation", which aired more than 60 episodes in the two quarter, with a volume of at least 2 million in each episode, bringing tens of millions of advertising revenue to youku.

in Beijing, Sanlitun, the new element, I interviewed Allen Lin. The singer Allen Lin, 93 years of a song "love bird" is popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, I was listening to his songs grew up. "There’s a bird / bird standing on the tree. / it makes me feel like I’m jumping."……"

increase of 7%

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