Shanghai dragon dance training a case analysis of actual website home page by K analysis

this case caused by "K" and home pages included are still relatively easy to understand, it is recommended first page generating static, and then find the space business negotiation, to ensure stability in exchange for dynamic page space. This space is not stable due to the main effect on the site is the home page of the inside pages of keywords ranking, ranking should not affect what domain name index still without WWW, enough to illustrate this point. Another problem is that the site do not do 404 and "K" has nothing to do 404 pages just to guide the user is convenient, as long as the server status code returned for reptile >

: a black chain was implanted

the biggest suspect, because the dance training website using dedecms system, the inside pages have all generate static, while the page is dynamically loaded, if the site where the spatial database instability will easily cause the home link timeout or link error phenomenon.

dance training website:

this site after I took over a period of time, found that the site has long been a large number of implantation of the black chain, almost every template are, because DEDE do website and the program also has loopholes. At that time all cleaned up, about a month from now, but yesterday, out of this thing, and I carefully checked and found that black chain in three hidden in the FLASH module has not been cleared, and then immediately removed, now can guarantee No.


for spatial instability:

link in the search by opinion that is one-way Links, so when the examination Links, also want to put these black chain site included, look at these black chain has not been K website.

black chain usually does not cause home "to be K", unless there is a lot of love of Shanghai to punish sites in the black chain implanted inside, because the website "K" which leads to his involvement.

for black chain:

server space is not stableThe

every day to keep 2-4 article original or false original update, appropriate to add 3-5 text description, is outside the chain, post, has not bought the black chain, without adding a large number of the chain, the station is an independent IP website, not affected by the presence of IP implicated in the problem. Links are also checked, all is normal, no penalty chain.

webmaster "the meaning of travel" is the main reason of K:

Overview of

space from time to time there will be a connection time-out and instability, log appeared many times 404, but we have not done the 404 page website. But two days before the server was attacked, the site shut down about 30 minutes of time, this phenomenon from the time when I come to happen from time to time, it is also an important reason.


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