The anchor text from pure text links Era

how to build a blog

NO2: what kind of forum for pure text links

NO1: pure text links

blog is the most common form of the chain, the use of third party blog platform most is Sina blog, previously registered Sina blog, publish articles can be included with the anchor text link. Now with the anchor text articles is difficult to be included, even if the domain name is not easy to be linked with love in Shanghai included, not only that other blog platforms are so, and a two level domain name blog can not be released too much with pure text posts. That is to say love Shanghai on the chain now flooding the site or blog drop right, recently in the A5 Adsense online submission cannot take the anchor text links, there are too many outbound links is certainly more dangerous for a site, especially the link anchor text. In addition to implant in the post text link, the blog title and description information can also be set in plain text, we do not recommend or junk blog. There is no benefit to the website.


NO3: pure text links the number the better

chain construction belongs to the problem but also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the focus of our daily work, but now do Shanghai dragon friends have such a feeling, that is the anchor text links more and more difficult to build, although the best anchor text of the chain effect, but the construction difficulty is too big. The chain resources station is generally of good quality are not allowed to send the anchor text, in addition to Links, buy links, forum signature these three kinds of chain type, the rest is pure text links, however, the number of anchor text links that is very small, but can not do BBS signature too much otherwise, there may be danger to be right down, or less do BBS signature. We usually go to the construction of the chain and the YISHION text, before we tend to think that no text chain effect, in fact, the text also have the effect of the chain, but the effect is less than the anchor text. Then the pure text links how to do

forum outside the chain of resources very much, can do signature at the forum, you can also publish some text, but many webmaster forums are not suitable for the chain, because now the webmaster forum has become a waste of the chain resources, mainly too many people love Shanghai Longfeng chain released here. According to the optimization of the site or keyword, select the industry forum, for example: mechanical enterprise stand optimization can find the mechanical industry forum, but the forum many are not to leave the text, the anchor text link is more impossible. But you can find some allowed to publish product information plate on the forum, please leave a domain address in the product introduction, don’t you, the occasional release of one or two of the chain on the line, if the forum signature can only stay in the text, then replies, the best is to have several quality replies, irrigation has no meaning, if you don’t understand the product knowledge, it can only go to love Shanghai.


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