Personal Webmaster Station fun personal website optimization skills

2, selection of station program

This new

domain name, space, copyright, registration, etc. These completed (if for the above four aspects, suggest that you do not understand, love under the sea, individual owners should start from Shanghai in search of love. ) we had to choose the site selection of the program. The following is my personal understanding, the text of the website. With the dream weaving system is better, the template also, for their freedom of choice. The blog program more convenient to use, you need to choose according to their own love.

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if you want your web site search engine love, then you ran a large volume to do. Why not explain here, we can take a look, law class website, know why must the volume > Website

the establishment of the idea, put the domain name to buy it, put it away for three months. Or to buy second-hand domain name, only one purpose, search engine for the weight of the old domain to the relatively high. This sentence we should understand this, are the same as in the case of other factors, the domain name for a long time, will get higher rankings. Do not believe, you can see the old domain name than the love of Shanghai, their ranking is very good.

4, the content of the website

After you have

a website title. Is the three major label called. So how to write these labels? The current method is the most commonly used in the industry, the main keywords, keyword + + secondary brand word, such as 114 network standard _ free online trademark search, 30 seconds a trademark search results. But today I want to tell you another way.

What is the most important

1, three months ahead of the purchase of the domain name space

method is this: the main keywords + Adjective + brand word. Have to say this title, inspired by the Tianya forum. You can go there look at the forum, is the title of the article is how to make the main title, picture + title. The main title of this article is to tell you what to say, a title, a description, attractive, with the escalation of the search engine algorithm, for some method in the past, we should appropriate innovation. How to innovate it, just say here about, is actually very simple: To observe with imagination and grafting, observation of successful cases, and then use your imagination, the grafting observed to your own website.

since the development of Internet speed fast personal website that is increasing the speed of scary, we can know from the user can A5, personal website is very large. The couple have their own website for people to build a website of your own, do not know where to start, not to mention to build an excellent website from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, this article will take you from Shanghai dragon optimization point, to learn how to from the station at the beginning of the Shanghai Dragon into consideration.

3, determine the site title After the

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