Have some tips to make Links exchange multiplier

two, Links platform to publish their own link

related websites

, joined the Links group

Links effect can enhance the site’s overall weight and keywords ranking, whether new or old station site has a ring, there are almost Links this section, now some Shanghai Longfeng Er think Links better is a more difficult to fix things, because this is a "benefit" the transaction, everyone is selfish, hope that with their own exchange sites than their own good, how many times it is just because of the speed of the snapshot, the level of PR, included and lost an opportunity for cooperation, so the day when there is also change to a link, both spent a lot of time and cost a lot of energy, it is very worth.

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Links platform are of good quality, especially in weight OK home page, publish their own links at the top, not only can increase the chain of their website, and let others take the initiative to come to exchange links with you, so save time greatly, not to take the initiative to find you success rate relatively high, as long as you promise you can immediately fix.

of course, we can also take the initiative to search relevant to our website industry, then contact QQ, this initiative is in trouble, but the effect is good.

Now a lot of

three, the soft promotion effect of

for individual webmaster, time is wasted on it some more is not worth, in order to save more time to do more, the construction site in Shanghai thinks that the webmaster should have some small skills, can have a multiplier effect and easy exchange, Why not??

can be said to be universal, not only can promote their products, websites, can also bring to the site in the chain, in addition to the two of course can also make Links easy exchange, when we add in soft contact, many owners will take the initiative to do friendship with you by QQ a link with you, but for the soft and easy to be reproduced, the probability of being seen is bigger, personally to visit it more.

formThe role of the soft

now Links QQ group search a lot, there are various types, some owners of a QQ plus fifty or sixty group, open the QQ series of QQ continuous beating, very influential, group may not Links resources are wide, too complex but will affect their own work; so webmaster and group must be targeted to be relevant to our website, so to link to the exchange correlation is high, the effect will be better. You’d better have the ability to create a group, it can not only promote the site can also be extended contacts.

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