Fine natural search optimization performance index

2. chain

in the process of promotion website, search engine optimization is an important point, most of the industry from the natural search traffic is very large, because of this, the general enterprise from time to time on the website of the natural search for a KPI assessment, and these key indicators from web traffic included the number, site (IP), the number of keywords, website PV, the number of the chain, this is indeed an important indicator of natural search optimization, these values directly reflects the performance of a website in search engine.

these indicators can really bring a large amount of information, but the enterprise search engine optimization, including the boss wants to see that data is certainly not only in these aspects, the enterprise is more interested in the rate of return on investment, rather than just a number of changes, so we need the further more detailed studies on these data. The next wood Shanghai dragon will introduce some general enterprises can make use of the natural search optimization performance index.

and included than are the same, I put this ratio is defined as the ratio of the chain included and not included, the 10000 one is included that owners do not want to see, so we need not only included tracking of the chain, but also calculates a ratio of different this platform, even on the site outside the chain of resources assessment, but also for finishing.

collection is certainly a key natural search optimization assessment, believe that every enterprise to do the summary report will have a collection of quantity and this time included the amount of contrast, but the data can refine, such as update 1000 articles included 100 papers and 150 papers included 100 papers is updated the same? Is certainly not the same website, how many pages are indexed by search engines? How to update the contents included? This is statistical calculation. Even we can for each column were calculated by the ratio of the collection ratio, we can determine a collection of each column, and then adjusted.

3.pv, IP

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Keywords The

statistics end site PV, IP, PV and IP have you thought about what kind of relationship? If a website of the PV value and the IP difference is very big, if PV is 100, IP is 10, the average of a IP to this site may read 10 articles, indicating the site the content is very popular. General multiple sites of PV/IP better, more than 2:1 in normal, but different industries and different types of site ratio is not the same, the education information might be within 2:1, and the entertainment news may be 20:1 or even higher. So it is necessary to compare their ratios of statistics.

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