To create more outside the chain of Shanghai dragon brothers

my answer, or to send outside the chain, but must be clear what is outside the chain, to clear the purpose to let the hair of the chain, the chain increased with the increase of real and natural, which is consistent with the development of the search engine, otherwise easily lead to a power loss effort, or less effective, so we must understand.


second, love Shanghai library, Douding network, road passenger Baba, is also a good place for a good document upload, of course, the premise is your account must not send so much advertising or the chain article, otherwise, it is difficult to pass.

high stability: because the search engine not only to see the breadth of the chain, the more need to see this link has time value, if there are 100 secondary sites for more than 3 years of stable chain at you, you get this website as can be imagined, stable keywords ranking should be not a big problem, so the chain stability is also critical.

Last week,

high correlation: topic search engine is more and more concerned about the content of love, Shanghai is no exception, so if you post to get the anchor text links in high weight website good correlation, believe that will be delivered to your weight on the site is not wrong, of course, the premise is you the chain must be maintained, not today not tomorrow, it is gone.

2, the chain increased weight.

is to update the site snapshot, let search engine come crawling, one is exchange chain, of course can change to a new snapshot, high correlation, high weight of the best, if not, it will find a way, to send some anchor text.

The chain

1, outside the chain of update snapshot.

has a few friends ask me, friends of the chain how to exchange more effective, I give several principles, 1 high correlation, 2, 3, weight, and in the new normal website included, but in Monday’s training, and a friend asked, friends of the chain so hard to choose, I went to the hair of the chain so, what should we send the chain, only better, is also like a chain so difficult, if so, we do not want to send the chain

the webmaster forums, such as A5, Chinaz, left behind are a good soft delivery site, however, since it is delivered, will write the article, best original article, so delivery to the original area included fast, the spider will crawl fast, although not all the webmaster delivery support anchor text, but there are 2-3 with the anchor text, the weight transfer is also very good.

don’t forget there are a large number of webmaster help you friendly reproduced, this will help you lead a group of Web site outside the chain, although not the anchor text, but also outside the chain.


increased the weight of the chain, it should consider the chain website, after the issue of high correlation, the three aspects of high stability and nature of the problem, the details below the 3 points.

The chain


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