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search engine is more and more perfect, some of the traditional Shanghai dragon and thinking skills is not suitable for the era of search engines, for Yang Shi, search engine optimization is a life-long learning technology, unless the search engine no longer perfect, do not update. So today we talk about the traditional skills and thinking of Shanghai dragon and now Shanghai dragon skills and thinking, let us closer to the search engine, and to control the search engine, I Chengdu Shanghai dragon Er Yang shi.


for the traditional search engine, just need to do the content of the website and the relevant title on the line, we can let you have a very good ranking does not require much skill and fancy, but now the search engine, it is not just a web page on your situation, it will be through the entire layout of the site and the whole site of the industry chain to assess, like a factory, not a point in place on the line, the whole industry chain must do it, now the search engine will examine the website page relevance, that is to say if your site from the rest of the page, the search engine also bare. Think it is not very valuable, so, on page optimization of Chengdu Shanghai dragon Er to Yang Shi >

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for the traditional search engine, the chain is as a point of evaluation of a site is very important, in the previous two years, through a simple forum or blog and QQ group sending message can easily make your site get good rankings, of course, the chain contains many forms for example, the anchor text chain, pure text outside the chain, the chain link, and two-way Links, one-way Links etc., which is the best way Links, so many people in the first two years through the purchase of one-way Links or use some black hat means to get ranked, this method was indeed very much, such as the Shanghai dragon by the rain, just a few days the word of Shanghai Longfeng do the home page, but with the method of exposure, his tail will show Here, he is Links cheat, equivalent to you and he changed Links, but his website did not give your website to transfer the weight, of course this is a black hat, the other we will not say, now look at the search engine outside chain chain is in the view the search engine is also useful, but here we should say is the quality of the chain, now the search engine for the garbage outside the chain can be identified and the search engine algorithm introduced before Scindapsus aureus does not hit another batch of stationmaster? Although the chain for the current search engine it is very useful, but the prerequisite is to be useful is the high quality of the chain chain and a number of high quality is what? What you do best to the industry, related industries to publish useful information for the user, Then take the anchor text or hyperlinks to your site, of course Links choice is the same, there is a certain number of this poem is Yang needless to say, the more the better.

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