Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng billboard 10 foot separation


occasionally violent, several sites 2-3 sites and second pages for a change. Then, for Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon ER, shake the 10 chiefs of the status of the possibility is very small. The large population of Zhengzhou, Shanghai dragon ER of the top five, there is no lack of "martial arts master".


I suddenly think, from the above mentioned last year this event to now love Shanghai officially launched the Scindapsus algorithm published, love Shanghai algorithm is mature and stable, there is not much adjustment. Because the strategic goal of love Shanghai has been very clear, expand market share. So, Zhengzhou’s 10 foot separation prototype of the basic edition, will become more and more perfect, until the real 10 foot separation. I stand: www.moran5贵族宝贝 also involved, I believe there will be a space for one person it.

you see, this love Shanghai Feixi love Shanghai, careful analysis, concluded that in 2013, dare not imagine further, love Shanghai search engine optimization is the core content of the standard. Original + quality = content score.

said Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng trend, ranking will drop down for a long time, for a long time will rise. No 10 foot separation situation. At this time last year, Shanghai love the words "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon", 10 basic web page always the 10 old faces, nothing more than the independent blog and website, is www with two level domain name or www without a secondary domain name site.

March 6th, 2013 love Shanghai stationmaster exchange and Chinese website development report conference, this is the love of Shanghai for the first time with the owners of public Webmaster Platform line communication and publish authoritative data, fully embodies the love of Shanghai open now. With the development of all kinds of authoritative data review 2012 site meeting, forecasts the development trend of the website operation 2013. At the same time, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform proposed 2013 spark plan, increase the quality of original content website support, the formation of green ecological environment sustainable development power of the Internet industry.

Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng billboard, you want to stand on the list, occupy the 10 foot a foot, the core is in your.

who can think of, love Shanghai last June 22nd and June 28th events such as natural disasters. Zhengzhou prototype of the 10 foot separation situation also will drift. The front page into unfamiliar faces, familiar with the original bigwigs in Shanghai have a lot of love in the search engine has disappeared. After this event, Shanghai love often adjusted for small and large changes in the home page of the site, unpredictable situation, it seems that Zhengzhou’s friends do not bother to understand love Shanghai temper, sometimes really elusive love Shanghai in what. In fact, love Shanghai and no chaos, is "the world" to rectify the chaos, love Shanghai "world martial arts martial art"……

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