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double item Taobao passenger is a new type of Taobao which was launched in 2012. It can promote the goods like ordinary Taobao customers and get commission, but also can get certain commission through promotion agent. Any person who joins two items of Taobao will become the agent of this project. After becoming an agent, you will have a rebate mall. The entire site construction, a key generation, site management, easy to operate, simple. Project consulting :381713669 plus I specify dual item Taobao

2015, want to change our own destiny, want to build up the family fortunes more strongly believe! This idea is who you’re not the only one. Well, what business will you do in 2015? For you: 2015 new ideas for entrepreneurship, so you do not have entrepreneurial experience, there is no big money, the foundation can make a lot of money!

is the art genius he is very love figure photography, Cai Wensheng once called the main founder of the company a few chat together, about the new product direction, the target image for the function, to beautify the highlights. You know, the use of PS software is complex, the average Internet users do not use, and a fool’s retouching software from Taiwan has given them a great deal of inspiration. In this way, >

he never graduated from college. He dropped out of high school and studied painting for 2 years. When he was ready to come back to high school, has found that the investment domain can make money, started a business name, domain name registration through the resale, he made his first pot of gold in 300 thousand, at the age of 18 he was with fellow like Cai Wensheng, became the first person Chinese Internet domain name investment. His story is far more than that, he took the money to start the business, only for 2 years, the final bankruptcy, he did not give up.

also has numerous facts proved that the Internet has become a new accumulation of wealth, but also the future development trend of the largest industry, the Internet industry has become the most promising, in the new century, the computer and the Internet, let people interact note Mou into light speed, distance becomes zero that time became 24 hours, the space becomes infinite, e-commerce comply with the trend of the times came into being, as the money replaced barter, direct to replace the traditional marketing mode, marketing will move toward e-commerce and effective combination, this is the inevitable result of social development, a stable type " pipeline; income " home business network business,

2003 when he was only 22 years old, the young people learn rally, two times to social entrepreneurship, as the entrance, set up the first batch of online dating websites. Ma Huateng was dating just launched soon, the young people want to do social networking sites like a and direction, and from the hands of foreigners spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy 520 of the digital domain 8 years after he sold in 3 million, the early idea is direct copycat , and the profit mode and current marriage APP similarly, need to purchase a membership to see related links, and later because of various reasons, also failed, that is the product did not go up, money is spent.



two item Taobao customers and ordinary Taobao customers difference:


Wu Xinhong began in 2005, to 2007, since the work of entrepreneurship and fellow Cai Wensheng after a few years to do the content, built dozens of large and small sites, all kinds of information, video and other types of sites are, these sites are on the cash flow, the money is not more than 28, according to the understanding, at that time a large part of their advertising revenue from sh419 alliance. According to Wu Xinhong, there is no sense of achievement.


, if you build a generic Taobao mall customer need to use space, domain name, Amoy mall program, is quite difficult for non professionals, and two-way guest > Taobao

he has been a tool of a previous 90 special love, very cool.

was relying on the rise of , the tool quickly became popular, it is Mars converter, now online there are a lot of online will be converted into Chinese textspeak tools, only now with few people, popular at the moment, this is the fire in converter when he and the team did eventually won the 40 million users, users up, but have no good profit pattern. These users became seed users of later mito. Who is this mysterious 80? He is the Meitu Xiu Xiu co-founder Wu Xinhong.

2015 latest Wangzhuan: double Taobao customers earn 500 yuan

this business does not need: technology, experience, to give up the existing work, a lot of money and time, store rent, utilities, staff salaries, please close your eyes and imagine, no boss without supervision, work on the card, do not need to commute, hiring employees fully grasp, the seasons of the year in pajamas work, natural sleep wake up to sleep, home business network operators’ cause pipeline steady income ‘, is everyone’s dream of entrepreneurship and life style, when a new round of the wave of wealth has come, when you face a new choice, it will change your life, today we is a full of business opportunities for the entrance of life, or you see someone successful, or you choose your success. Please choose success you’ll contact the teacher to provide the video information to you, he will help you to get this full force Career understanding, the whole tutorial you, until you succeed so far, you are welcome to become our business partner as soon as possible, let us work together after one to two years hard, live on the rich and leisure life,

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