Selection and analysis of the logistics industry to enhance the conversion rate of keywords

create a demand of customers, is the real purpose of our logistics website, then for a logistics website what is customer.

as mentioned above, they have no ability or not go this route, don’t do it, for the simple reason that it is done to the white do website, if there is this, every day also need to optimize it and update it, is a waste of time, we should make Co. the time in useful places, to create greater value. As our website is based on their business scope, the definition is very clear, is the main domestic logistics and transport, air transport, long-distance move the business, we can go to extend it from these businesses, dig out more keywords in this area.

for the most important logistics site selection of key words and I think it is useful for keyword analysis, do not need too much traffic, there are a lot of conversion, imagine a day if the site has 1000 IP, but few telephone consultation, that we can be sure to optimize your web content and keywords of the station certainly there are problems in the website are not the target users, there is not much demand for logistics, website keyword selection and analysis I think we should do from the following aspects:

, according to their own business to select keywords


now want to make logistics website, website traffic alone is not enough, a conversion rate can bring order is the key! Many webmaster is a do not meet the psychological, from the logistics website analysis mainly includes the following aspects: 1, too much emphasis on site traffic, what words do you know how many times to do. It is not much significance, we need to know what is the location of logistics website, is the requirement of the conversion rate rather than to seek flow, 2, not with their own business combination, if you are not a very large logistics company, there is not enough manpower, logistics business is not many go, such as international shipping, international air transport the export business, a lot of some small logistics company is not capable of doing, we should learn to choose according to their own industry. Service ability, not the business, our logistics website will not be done even without this content.

made the logistics website webmaster all know, the logistics industry has too many things to do, if only the optimization of several popular keywords, want to make a site traffic, conversion rate that is impossible, and popular keywords to optimize it is not an easy thing, so the many logistics companies, such as fierce competition in Guangzhou there be nothing difficult, logistics website, we can go to Baidu search to find relevant results about 2620000, there are some love Shanghai promotion website, from the development trend of the logistics industry, it has become a hot industry.

two, take the customer demand to select keywords

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