Your website is too slow and how should do

chain is equivalent to the site of a vote on their website, but also a chain is equivalent to the entrance of the spider, if the site is not outside the chain chain or too little that the spider can not find to come to your site, and how to ensure the

included? A new

website content quality is equal to the user experience is poor (excessive collection, pseudo original tools for pseudo original writing, this website to Shanghai, poor) has become a collection of impossible love Shanghai official has stressed the effective content of high quality in the webmaster to do so for many years, with the help of the user page. The low quality of "even love Shanghai grab, may one day removed, even right down.

solution: high quality content is original content to the owners personally written, but content is not the primary level, need to have the help of content users, and users can use pictures that make pleasant reading.

space access slow

1, no new weight

solution: the security and stability of the space, the space usually price than the space junk expensive 100-200 yuan, but if you really want to do it or stand long spent some money.


solution: to search engines more included ">

2, website content quality and low

4, the chain had no entrance


is unlikely to have any weight, when the owners of the link to improve the love of Shanghai will slowly release the spider to climb on the new station without weight during love Shanghai and Google have two different attitudes, Google alone only need 1-2 weeks to be included on all pages, very fast, but love Shanghai 1-2 week to release a home, want to release the inside pages you need to at least 1-3 months. In general, Shanghai believes that the new love does not have any value, so not included is normal.

solution: every stable update high quality original content, the use of original content for submission to the chain, the content and the chain will be high quality, love Shanghai search engine to transfer the weight is very high, as long as the method used to do not need to worry about the problems included.

space is the important site, if the space access speed is too slow, let users and spiders will lose interest in the open, promotion effect will be greatly discounted. Love in Shanghai had stated that "please put the spider as one of many users in the space, what the user will wait for the slow? The answer is negative, then the spider is the same, did not enter the website and how to crawl the web content, not grasping what included


believes that recently do new webmaster have discovered one thing, love Shanghai included more and more slowly, even every day to update the original or ask, can only meet this situation hard to wait, so webmaster how should do to make love Shanghai faster included? < /p>

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