The site to get good rankings secret the essence of the content within the chain the chain

4 the content of the anchor text, generally don’t draw too much, don’t try to add some unnecessary words in it, what is natural is best.

we go into this line, see the maximum sentence is probably "content is king, the chain for emperor", it means I want to know the big, it is the actual process, how many people can really follow such ideas to do? I understand that "one center, two basic points", a center to the content as the center, the site do good, is necessary, but it has no ground for blame, good looks, no substantive content, or content and others alike, no new ideas, no thoughts, no don’t say love, Shanghai, even ordinary users don’t love, no meat, what does it mean. That is, refined meat content is king here, we write the content on the site, the best is original, not found in other places, or mean, thought the same, but the content of expression in different ways, so the love of spiders in Shanghai will be interested, it will develop curiosity. Used often to you you look online, just like you go to a restaurant for dinner, 365 days are the two dishes, you will be tired, or his dishes are everywhere to sell, and attract you.

5 on the page can be added on an article, the next article, or popular articles, refined article tagging, improve access time and quality.

of course there are some other places that need attention, one by one not listed here, just.


1 website directory should be simple and clear, structure level must clear, not too complicated, it is not only conducive to the love of Shanghai spiders crawl, the user experience is not good enough.

3 is often our site has no death chain, bad chain, so as to avoid the dead spiders cannot access.

two basic points, is within the chain, and the chain as the basic point, both hands to grasp, the two should pay attention to. We often find some websites, we use Adsense tools to check, see it outside the chain is not much, the quality, it is of high ranking, but the site itself for a long time, careful people will find in the chain of others do quite well, a lot of big station very seriously the optimization of the construction of the chain. A web site to keep long-term stability of the rankings, the chain is a very worthy of our attention. How to do the chain, we should pay attention to the following questions.

2 do the site map, to love Shanghai, Google search.

Hello, I am Double cooked pork slices had been, to develop a habit, every day on the A5 forum, see friends to write articles, see the latest information Shanghai dragon, is indeed benefited. A poor and literary, and not to see more and more recently, hands itch, still could not hold back, write a bit of personal experience and understanding of website optimization, what is wrong, please enlighten.

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