WordPress blog how to set up more conducive to Shanghai Dragon

is not set to URL structure is very clear! Of course, this is achieved by pseudo static. The premise is to support the virtual host to achieve pseudo static, >


but if we want our blog multi key words, we can use the pseudo static to each column named different meaning URL.

WordPress the URL / p=100

second, set the URL structure of

red Tao business circle participating blog, is to use the WordPress program to do the blog. Because until their own without too much contact with the program, so a lot of things is not very understanding. But I have seen a lot of Shanghai dragon well done blog, so today to talk about how to set up a blog: WordPress is more conducive to the development of Shanghai dragon, with Shanghai dragon industry, a lot of people know Shanghai dragon, both have a crush on this program. His main characteristic is: simple procedure, high safety factor, and more powerful plugin template is the most important thing is very friendly to the search engine, can be simply understood as WordPress, is a very well done Shanghai Longfeng open source program. If you know about wordress that is a blog program, actually a lot of very proficient in the master program, on the basis of the original development of many functions, like the mall, information station, industry portals can be achieved, we are taking to Shanghai dragon team also use this program to do a lot of business station the effect is very good. Said a long time not to cut to the chase, the wordress blog should do the following aspects, may do better in Shanghai Dragon:

According to the above The business circle feature

article URL:贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/dianshang/361.html

good blogThe

out of red URL:贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/dianshang

wordpress blog, the default is dynamic URL, but his argument is not very complicated, if the virtual host does not support pseudo static circumstances, we can first do pseudo static.

, the first distribution of good blog keywords

blog optimization, which is also very important. We have to do what keywords ranking, then how to do keywords, we also need to be pre conceived. As the current red Tao Shanghai dragon blog, my main keyword is Shanghai dragon blog and business circle. Then the column is related to the theme of some key words, but I did not take into account the column rank. Because I this blog is to communicate with colleagues and share some of Shanghai dragon skills.

WordPress column of the URL default style: domain name / cat=1

The style: domain name?

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