8 days of recovery by plucking love Shanghai website


is updated because the self-help chain is not very stable, so often through their web sites to ensure the stability of back links, special note here is that the love of spiders in Shanghai at 3 in the morning, 4 o’clock is the most active, I often sleep until a link back, can’t let the link is broken.

black Friday (July 13th) was in love with altitude hair, home no snapshot, then keywords ranking disappeared, then the feeling should not be great, there is no special treatment, because in addition to home page or not outside the snapshot update, so that 15 of the time, love Shanghai has not been updated and included, I knew the site itself is a problem that need to solve.


exchange links. My site for 4 months, is still new, but there are a lot of self-help website link exchange platform, so that I can find a few snapshot update the weight of relatively high site, connecting to the site. This not only brought some traffic, and accelerate the update speed of website snapshot.

so, I held out for 6 days, July 21st finally returned to Shanghai love home snapshots, and a keyword ranking has improved a lot than before. I wrote this article No. 24, the purpose is to observe a few days to see changes to love Shanghai. In addition to summarize their own station experience, because my level is limited, can only play a role, in fact, should I submit early in the A5, anti chain that will help you improve your weight, the snapshot is updated quickly, maybe 2, 3 days will come back home page snapshot. Welcome and group discussions, group Q: 59448905

next, I take a daily update site information, of course, my website is mainly to provide the service of the webmaster exchange links, some people help me, I have to maintain the website, so although the update than before have ranking information, but the love of spiders in Shanghai or climbing every day, in the snapshot the page can also update, it deepened I can restore confidence in the home page snapshot.

In this paper, Third step

source: Shanghai dragon navigation network (www. Shanghai dragon -daohang贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep webmaster link address, thank you support.

recently, love Shanghai algorithm frequently change, many webmaster suffer, the website is in. In order to save their own websites, the author made a series of efforts, finally, hard work pays off, after 8 days, Shanghai returned home love station snapshot ranking. Figure

first, I checked the server, the server while in a foreign country, but the speed of the open can, without affecting the love Shanghai spider crawling, look at the server log, the spider to climb it every day, and home has also climbed, but why not do home page snapshot.

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