Sina alliance shlf1314 ignored partner of love asked partner to courtBusiness in 2013 to become the

, Beijing World Online Advertising Co. Ltd decided to resolve the matter through legal means, and in June 26th formally to the Beijing Arbitration Commission submitted an application for arbitration, it is reported that the Beijing Arbitration Commission has formally accepted.


sigh, about entrepreneurship, I also put forward some of my ideas and views, I hope for the new generation of entrepreneurs to help. Beijing area agents Beijing World Online Advertising Co. Ltd, introduced in June 12th this year, without any prior notice, suddenly unilaterally change the original position of the advertising words, ask web search results on the right side of the fixed ranking dispersion shifted to Iask ask, news search, blog search, video Search ask ask the right. As a result of the company has signed and partially fulfilled the 379 search engine fee service contract can not continue to perform.

a hero three help, Internet start-ups still inseparable from the team, single handedly is difficult to make a difference. IT items don’t sell like pancakes. They can be sold by a stand. Even simple IT projects often require design, program development, and editing, maintenance, and operation, and not really a single person can pick them up. If you can find reliable partners, each fine, it is easier to succeed. Another, grassroots entrepreneurs, Internet project is relatively simple, too

Internet start-ups success rate may be only 1%

although now IT circle of gold rush fever, who feel can Amoy gold. Can say, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, Internet business failure rate is very high, but because of the domestic Internet users paying habits have not yet formed, the Chinese Internet business failure rate is higher. In 2012, many new projects, less than half of the market baptism has disappeared, including the once temporary wind and water, stir fry project, now most of them have disappeared. A group of pioneers have proved that there is a risk in Internet start-ups and caution in the business world.

Sina executives said: "the integration of both the advantages of resources can not only improve the competitive ability of the two companies, but also for the Sina and shlf1314 users and customers to provide better user experience and customer service."

Beijing World Online Advertising Co., one hand to two agents and customers and consultation, comfort, on the other hand, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company or restore its customers and two agents and economic losses, and repeatedly negotiation, intent to resolve the matter as soon as possible. But today, Sina has no problem – solving attitude and response.

group is better than go alone, Internet is better than mobile Internet,

practice is better than theory, deeds are better than dreams.

yesterday and a few younger generation chat, they also found in "secretly" entrepreneurial team, do their own projects. With admiration, at the same time, will also arise spontaneously repentance ashamed. I want to mix 7 years in IT circle, many business ideas, but has not really implemented, unexpectedly, the brothers are just dare to go, can not help but sigh: the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, Jiangshan more out of talent, the new generation for the old people.

According to the

2013, in addition to sh419, Tencent, Ali and other first-class IT enterprise acquisition and merger topic, the Internet and mobile Internet start-ups for the hottest. Among them, the pace of entrepreneurs has stepped out of the IT circle, extended to the "selling fruit" and "sesame cake" industry, including one of my buddies, but also by the Java engineer change to do decoration captain. Perhaps, programmers sell sesame cakes, or engineers sell fruit is an exception, the IT circle of entrepreneurship news also heard.

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs, they found that too much from the words with no reality whatever, to do so. Many Internet projects have failed, without positioning inaccurate, not grounded, no channels, not good at operating a few reasons. IT circle of entrepreneurs to learn from the doer who traditional industries, "I only speak the mode of the one and only" good "products" and "how many users will use this kind of" it doesn’t matter what, these sleight of hand and once harm a lot of entrepreneurial ideas.

                  because of that part of their cooperation against the interests of agents, recently, Sina advertising agents will reason NASDAQ: SINA and shlf1314 NASDAQ:GOOG. On the court.

in June 11th this year, Sina and shlf1314 shlf1314 jointly announced in Beijing, the two sides will cooperate, web search services, sina will be fully responsible by shlf1314, the search results will jump directly to the web search page.

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