Discussion how to write the Webmaster Station

although I disdain to the title of the party practices, but only the only title, but no substantive content of behavior. The contact site optimization in recent years, gradually understand a truth: an article written title is the key, sometimes in order to attract the attention of users, we can also use the appropriate title of the Party style, the premise is to ensure the content of the case. When we write the title, in order to better match the user search keywords, to incorporate them, in order to ensure that in an ideal position in the search results.


A good beginning is the focus of


This title is the key to

sure good title, we began to focus on writing the text title. On the writing of the text, a good beginning is the key, don’t start too long, about 100 words is appropriate, the key is to get to the point quickly, embedded in the beginning of keywords is on the position to be reasonable, at the same time in the beginning at the end of a buried foreshadowing, to attract users to continue to look down.

as a webmaster, web site update is one of the most basic daily work, and update the website and can be divided into: the station for the update, update the enterprise products and customer case update part of the contents of a few. As everyone knows, high quality content is equivalent to the soul of the website, can attract more user attention, and then get a good show in the search engine. Thus, remarkable, writing importance in the station of the next, the author aims at this topic, discuss some tips for writing the article with everyone, I hope to help some of the Shanghai new dragon.

4. at the end of summary is king

a good article, must have a clear theme. The content of each paragraph is the same, each paragraph is the subject of the text of the theme by the subdivision and subdivision of the paragraphs of the article, let the article have clear and clear structure and other characteristics, this article, give the user a clear feeling, but also to enhance the user experience. Usually when we were writing the content of the article, to develop the habit of this paragraph segmentation, but also all the basic writing.

from the title, to the beginning of the article, and then to the main content of the article, we finally came to the end of the article, as I write this article to share the same today. At the end of the article, usually is the full text of the summary, and again echoes Lord.

on the title of the writing, the author here cite a simple example: the author is engaged in the furniture industry, the "Shenzhen furniture factory" the word to write a title, such as "Shenzhen furniture factory which" and "what are the Shenzhen furniture factory" such a question type title, is a good choice both cleverly embedded keywords, but also more in line with the form of user search habits. The title of the method and many other methods, we can research the industry successful website practices, in order to find out a suitable method of writing the title.


The 3. paragraph is the basic

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