Depth analysis of the old station for nearly two years

first saw the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai information weight is 0, Google PR 0, domain name age 1 years 9 months and 4 days, we can see that the snapshot update key is normal, whether included love Shanghai or Google or SOSO amount collected so much, then why such an old station, struggling through the business for 2 years. You blossom? Below, we will to him this station do a deep analysis on

analysis of three sites throughout the paper.

yesterday to join the Zhejiang station group, in which to hear a webmaster in the complaint, why their website for nearly 2 years, why love Shanghai weight is 0, the Google PR is 0, then I saw some rough, the existence of wrong, I just have a good time today. The old station, make a depth analysis (high master can float

? )First we look at

analysis of outer chain less, and the low quality of

you can see, in addition to love Shanghai, the station is ranked, the poor do the chain, quality is very low, the chain resources how bad, how to promote your website? And one of them may see what details you can estimate, a fancy map, under domain: why do you order the snapshot in other pages, the more that you stand for serious problems we do not believe you can try their own station, after you use the domain: command, you a snapshot of where


you can see, the key is to love the Shanghai index, I have several other queries, not a word is a key index, keyword orientation index, will be on the website ranking is a qualitative leap, of course, also can slowly start late, but the time may be 1 in May 2 years, may you always do not go up

from above

, this site in the home station integrated query



analysis since ancient times, everything worth seeing, all said that the head is very important, do the same, to the site where the head is title, first we look at his title, I gave him a copy down, where there, do station are very clear, there is a website for future location the direction, also can say these words on behalf of the key position, for a website can improve love Shanghai weight, key position is very important, the basic information of these keywords, I just pick one other, you can go for the next, we’ll look at the first "the car seems cool interactive media ‘keyword, then in the love of Shanghai is going to

you can see some basic information about the web site



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