How do the site is down right down the right site solution

2. Links: look at the Links there is not some Links illegal information, resulting in Links website is K, which affects themselves, no chain or Links a large area, it will also lead to site is down right, if there is no time to remove these anti chain. By K Links, better protect their

Some of the content of

5. to check their updates with illegal information, check their quality of the content is high enough, whether there is accumulation of keywords of the suspects, if there is excessive optimization, if there is illegal information delete the information as soon as possible, if the quality is low, then write some high quality articles, do not waste

site is down right


check whether the site can normally open, normally open, if the site can not be opened, is not normal, will certainly be right down

1. to see whether they have been cheating optimization, such as mass outside the chain, hanging black chain, brush flow, if any, to stop

4. see their website is not some peer illegal attack, some unscrupulous ones, they will give you the brush flow site, give your website batch black chain, which can make you site is down right, so as to achieve the purpose of your love more than ranking, Shanghai has a refuse chain tool, to refuse some garbage outside the chain, you can use this to solve

6. on release of some of the chain whether the quality is high enough, whether there is a batch release some of the garbage outside the chain, if there is a refusal to reject some garbage outside the chain of tools, chain, and after the update, more high quality of the chain

of course, sometimes the site right down only.

have some Adsense sometimes check their website traffic and ranking will find their web traffic ranking with no back, when some use the SITE command to query in home page of the inside pages, this is obviously the right to be reduced to

how to do? The

first step: check the site is down right, start from several aspects,

3. check the website content is normal, whether the site has been hanging on some illegal information, there are a lot of gray industry regular web site they like optimization, they are directly through the black hat means directly or by hacking, such as hacking your website backstage server, invasion of your website hang on, links to your website, which lead to site is down right, some will start in the snapshot, you check the content of the site is a snapshot of your own content, some will be caused by the content of the website snapshot hijacking, is their own, but the contents of the snapshot he is completely modified, this is a secret that is not so easy to find, because there are few snapshots of people right turn to their website, which you can only protect your password, do Good safety protection server, repair their own website vulnerabilities

Check your

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